02 April 2011

odd day

I look at myself.....
I am really smaller!

The weather forecast -
So far - so good! No rain, at least!
Perfect Spring Weather here in North Texas!

I guess I stayed a wee bit too long on vacation!
I left some sour cream in the fridge  -
and wow  - is it ever sour!
I need a vacation to recover from my vacation, it seems!
Embarrased smile
Watched the Food Network all day....
Came home uber  hungry - 
And that's all right!
I like being hungry!
Sick smile
Trying to sort our fact from fiction.....
Plans from fantasy.....
Right from wrong.....
That old chestnut!

Went shopping here - 
Just like when I lived in Frankfort, Germany!
I loved it there! Go Army!

My serious, pensive look!

Nurse People still don't know me - that's wonderful!
Very busy first day back at work....
Tried to post for Toon Tuesday today -  
'Ceptin it's like Saturday! My bad!
I somehow lost a couple of days!

In other news..... 30 + people are turned away 
From the local Silver Haireded People Work-Out Class
Every month - just cuz they don't have enough teachers for the classes...
As a Nurse I am already qualified to lead a class - 
[I already know CPR! x many years!]
So again, I ask - why not?
It's free - and that's how ya learn.

And the funny thing about the class -
I have no need to mess this up for myself....
No reaction-formation. No petty grievances.
No complaints, no excuses, no misplaced car-keys or projections!
Just green lights all the way!
So even if nothing happens, it's still a major change
in my way of thinking - about myself and my abilities.

What a difference 6 years can make!
It wasn't that long ago I was in 
the worst shape of my life.
But I lived (somehow) - so here I am!
Ready for another learning experience.

Thanks again for all the kind words 
and comments on my recents blogs!
I'm still sort of shy - and thrive on the encouragement.

Hope You are well!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I see absolutely no reason for saying no to that opportunity. How wonderful it will be to help people by helping them get some exercise? I think you are a great person for it, too. So compassionate and always nice and kind. Go for it, Anne!

    Oh, and you like being hungry??? What planet are from, lady??? :D

  2. Well, it's a learned behavior, that's for sure!
    Maybe frustration tolerance?

  3. I'm just in the embryonic stages of doing IF. Did the research.. am convinced of the benefits, but...

    Being hungry is definitely an acquired taste! Most of the time I am fixing something to eat before I remember "oh yeah... IFing". Any tips on how you got to actually "like" it??

  4. Maybe like hard-core work-outs .....
    It's good to keep the end result in mind.
    Or maybe like drinking Jack Daniels...
    I'm certain people drink it for the effect - not the taste!

  5. I like being hungry too... and go for it with teaching the class!

  6. Go for it!!! Why are you even still thinking about it. JUST DO IT!

  7. I am so happy that you are following this calling! I am so happy that you found it!

  8. Good luck on the new adventure. I think you will love it and will be one of the most popular classes available. It sounds so fun, Anne. It's so you!

  9. It sounds like a wonderful idea, Anne and something you would thoroughly enjoy. I think you should go for it too. :)

  10. Listen to the Universe...go for it...no questions asked.

  11. What a fantastic opportunity!! It would be an awesome way to find out if that's what you won't to do in the future :)

  12. I think youre gonna love it & be great at it! And im shy too, so i can really relate!

  13. I think you would be a wonderful teacher. The best, I think you really need to go for it, you need to do it not for the people but also for yourself.
    Getting back into the swing of things is hard but it's also a fact of life. Nursing isn't easy, for 12 years I did it but really now perfer daycare and wee ones.
    Take care Anne (if you ever want to stop by my everday normal life blog and meet my daycare go too www.umengine3.blogspot.com).
    Have a blessed weekend Anne.

  14. Yes, do it do it, Anne! Last week I went to my tai chi class and at the last minute the instructor phoned to say she couldn't make it and asked me to take the class - and I did. The world didn't end, I managed (with help from the class) and we all enjoyed it!

  15. Yessssss! Awesome!
    That's what I am talking about!!
    My goals are small and humble.
    Very doable.
    Maybe the first time I've set a real goal for decades!

  16. Teach it, teach it good. Hmmm, that might be a catchy name for a song; no?

  17. You go for it!!! Shy? I didnt see that!!! (((hugs)))

  18. I don't even know my own face - time to make a change!

  19. As they say-- Just do it! I know you can.

    xo jj

  20. Oh, how I love aldi! I always enjoy their little this and that's. Their artichoke garlic salsa is divine, as well as their microwavable queso dip(that's a newer item.) and their anti aging day cream (lacura brand) has gotten rave reviews online, is cheap, and I've been using it for roughly a year. :) love it. What do you buy there? Ps-I think you'd be a GREAT instructor, really. I'm shy too but you can work with it. Your kindness and general passion for helping others (and yourself!) will shine through.


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