09 April 2011

what is cross*fit?

So, what is CrossFit?

There's some talk about 10 
areas it covers.

endurance, staminastrength
flexibility, power, speedagility
balancecoordination, and accuracy.

We were stretching in class the other day, 
and I must have been making some face...
The Trainer said "We can stop if it hurts!"
And under my breath I mumbled something like
"That's what she said!"
But the guy heard me, and laughed out loud.
So I guess I'll fit right in.
We start off by running in an alley.
Like Yo, Adrian!

So I finally got all some of the knots worked out.
But the foam roller hurts as much as the knots did!
But in a strangely good way.

I got this work-out ball to sit on,
while I am working online.
I hunch over way too much.

Then I took the ball outside
and did some stretching
On such a nice Spring day!

Hope your day is great!


  1. I'm about 150 pounds from Crossfit, but I would love to do it!

  2. I did kickboxing , but we spent half the time doing a crossfit workout.....throwing medicine balls , hundred jumping jacks, 50 cruches, run around the gym, agility courses..something to be said for group fitness classes...have fun

  3. Wow you are definitely hard core :)

  4. "We can stop if it hurts!"
    "That's what she said!" LOL times thousand!

    Cool exercise stuff. Anne, you are my hero :)

  5. I've done nothing but dishes today but you are inspiring me. I should take my laptop to the exercise room and balance on my pilates ball while I'm online. It might help.

  6. I know exactly what you mean about the foam roller... holy crap it is painful!

  7. The ONLY think I liked about that video was the music...looks painful!!!

    You are a machine!

    I sit on my exercise ball at my desk too...the more I sit on it, the more I like it...$200 for me and $0 to Staples.

  8. sitting on the ball de-hunches you? I must try this!

  9. Hang in there. Pretty soon the kinks, knots and aches will pass and you'll be able to SEE how much stronger you are. But just remember, muscle weighs more so don't get upset if the scale moves up-- you'll be leaner and smaller in no time! Keep up the good work.
    xo jj

  10. Go you!

    Some great blogs Anne.


  11. Good girl Anne. You are really rocking. Keep it up and you will be stronger and fitter then you already are.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.


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