06 April 2011

back on the mule

So for two years I have done LoCarb....
Hardly ever a glitch.
Even when I had cake or something that wasn't on the plan.
I never shamed myself or went crazy about it...
Just made the correction!
(As in "correction, not punishment!")
And cut way back for the next few days.

Now, it seems the things that affect me 
Are not food-related or weight-related.
I understand this is a common trend in the transition.
ReBooting and all.

But I am caught so far off guard by some of the smallest things!
At least now, it takes less effort to make the corrections in my life,
and get back on track....
Back on the mule, so to speak....

And get back to learning what is important and what is not!
Like in those Dirty Harry movies where the cops are training,
and the figures pop up -- and you have to be careful not to shoot
some little old lady with her sack of groceries!

So yeah. 
This is what I meant by learning.
Learning in general how to be less of a fat-ass.
And now less of a dumb-ass!
And I mean that in the most loving, and endearing way!

Someone broke into Trucky this week, and took my iPod
and I never even called it in.  Just said "Oh, well..."
and went onto work. But clearly in other areas,
I need some work!

I guess that's what blogging and stuff is all about.

Thanks for all of your kind words and emails 
FaceBook messages, and texts!
We now return to the regularly scheduled program!
Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Sorry about your truck, Anne. That is horrible!

    You have done great during the last two years, you are doing great now and you are an inspiration. Hugs. :)

    PS. I'm loving your hair and I have hair envy every time I see your photo. Dail wants me to grow mine out though so I can't get it cut without ticking him off. Men!

  2. What if that little old lady shoplifted all those groceries. Just shoot everybody!

  3. Do you feel lucky, Punk?
    Well - do ya?

  4. Did you say a mule broke into your truck and ate your ipod? What an ass!

    Not being a fat &/or dumb ass is a goal of mine too. Somedays I am one or the other, ocassionally both. Most days neither I believe.

    Any post with a Clint Eastwood reference is a winner as I see it!

    Keep on poking along Anne!

  5. what if that little old lady took your ipod! hehehe j/k...you are figuring it all out bit by bit and I admire you. Keep up the awesomeness my friend!

  6. Lanie's car was broken into last week! I think I see a pattern. They are going after BLOGGERS! Good thing I am a slacker at this!

  7. If it happened to her, Grandma would have said, "I guess they needed it more than me." Or, "I was wrong to leave temptation in sight."

    If Grandma had owned an iPod. Funny thought, that. Grandma with an iPod. She would have giggled at its cleverness, then walked out to dig taters for supper. :)

  8. This is a great post, Anne. Sorry about your ipod. That would make me feel a bit vulnerable, but you're handling it quite well, I think. Transitions are sometimes precarious, but climbing back on your "mule" is the way to go. Having a "mule" means that you have a plan, and you're a very smart lady! And I really, really appreciate you...

  9. Sucks about your iPod. Thieves suck. I am very impressed with your positive attitude, though.

  10. An iThief dressed as a granny on a mule? Patrick, helllllllp!

    Anne, I am known for my weird sense of humor, and it's not your post that is making me laugh, it's the comments.

    Seriously, it is a great post, really. We all do need to stop and take stock every now and then, and sometimes change mules. Just keep on keeping on!

  11. Jo - I love your sense of humor!
    Always have.
    And the iPod- it was my baby work-out iPod.
    Not the big huge 120G iPod.
    They didn't take anything else.
    Which makes me think I must have interrupted them or something.
    The window was down - and that window never rolls down.
    So....... meh......

  12. Was the granny the back or the front of the mule?


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