21 April 2011

really hard day

Get your x-rays....
step right up...
Took a patient to the Doc today

Spinal implant 
for hikers

This cheeky bugger watched me all day long...
Smirking at me - 
Guess why? Chicken thigh

Salad and a chicken thigh and yellow squash
My patient wanted the ready-to-eat rotisserie kind

Little Miss Baby then wanted these and I told her "No way!"
What has gotten into me!?

Staples are gone -
Just the itchiness remains

And this dang bump on the head.
Oh, and the black eyes.
And the rest.
You should see the other guy!

Hope your day is good!


  1. Not a sno balls chance in hell am I eating that garbage again.

    I had chicken thighs today too! They were delicious.

    Just tell everyone you're a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys.

  2. Hey, we had kinda similar meal patterns today. I don't like dark meat, but I had a chicken breast I sauteed and had a salad and had zucchini(kinda like that squash, right, only green). hah.

    And yeah, forget the sugary/carby crap. We do not need that.

    Your eye bruises really are dark. Wow, those take a long time to clear away. Tells me it WAS a shock to the system, that bump/fall. And how do you stop scratching the itch. I'd be going nuts wanting to scratch the stiched up part.

    But look! YOUR SMILE IS BACK. And it looks NORMAL. Hey, the smile is normal. Let's celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nitey, smiley...

  3. Holy Nostalgia. I just noticed the comment by FITCETERA. Dang, I miss Katschi. That's Katschi? Right? Great old blog. Miss reading it. :(

  4. Boo for hard days! I hope today is better than great. Oh, and I'm all in for the Texas Round-Up! I'd zip across Texas with my bloggy friends.

  5. Hey - the dark circles are fading! Texas Round-Up? Oh yeah...I'm in, too. Just have to start [now] convincing Mr. Pea and Offspring that they can live without me for a bit.

  6. I can still feel the bump on my own head from falling down the stairs in December even though the bruise is long gone. Your concussion dizziness is scary! Be extra cautious when walking!! I can't think of anything deserving of three exclamation points!!! Love your stick figure control buttons face.

  7. Sorry you had a hard day. Marie loves thighs :)

  8. Spinal implant for hikers?? Is that real? Never heard of such a thing.

    Looking better. Love to see that smile. I'd give my firstborn for a low carb snoball. I exaggerate but I sure wish they existed. :)Healthy? No. Delicious? Yes.

    Guess what? Chicken butt!

  9. sometimes I am not sure if you are kidding or not? spinal implant, dang you got me googling

    Thoses bruised eyes aren't clearing very fast are they?

  10. Sometimes bruises are darkest just before they lighten.

    Right? :)

  11. What? Texas round-up? When was that mentioned?

  12. Probably can't tell a nurse
    anything new under the sun
    but my grandmother's magic
    for clearing up dark bruising
    really works... and quickly

    at the drugstore, buy a bottle
    of spirits of camphor
    apply topically on bruises
    several times a day
    you'll see results
    by the second day

  13. Did somebody mention a low-carb SNOOOOOBAAAAALLLLLL????????(As a kid, I couldn't eat enough of those. It was like the gooey, chocolate sugar rush of Heaven.) I suspect I wouldn't really love them as much today...but if someone made a grown up, low carb version of the marshmallowey, chocolatey, coconutty loveliness...please let me know.

  14. Thanks - one and all....
    The days are hard but only cuz I am still recovering
    Dizzy a little and very very forgetful lately.
    And this constant humming sound.
    Very very low pitched. Like a drone.
    But I am getting better and better -
    I guess I'm not a zombie any more - just a mere mortal.

  15. You still have that great grin going on!


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