19 April 2011

a little visitor

Went to get the staples out today.....
Had to go back to the same place - 
no one else would touch me
with a 10 foot CrossFit bar!

Sitting, waiting.....

Typical ER... 

Who - or what is this?

Someone wants to play!!
This peek-a-boo went on for the entire hour I waited!

Too fast!
Made my day!

Still measuring everything - mostly

Bacon and eggs for me and Miss B
And was it ever good!

My new ride - around the park
First bike ride outdoors 
in like, 40 years!

There's a park a few blocks from my apartment.
Took like a minute or two to get there.
My new/old bike is a smooth ride!

FaceBook video - 
Sorry about the sound -
Everyone knows it's windy!

All this wind makes for lovely sunsets!

Hope you are having an awesome week!


  1. Your first outdoor bike ride in 4 years! That's awesome, Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  2. Like seeing ya with the bike. I can't wait until we move (not sure when that will be), cause I told hubby I wanna move to a more walking/biking friendly area (less traffic! More paths). I haven't biked in, man, 30 years? I used to love biking as a teen, but sort of stopped after having two Schwinn's stolen. Ah, but loved it. I didnt't wanna when my butt was 300 lbs (and pay extra for the superstrong bikes for the obese). Gonna be under 200 soon, and a bike is in my future. YEAH, BABY, RIDE LIKE THE WIND!!!!!!!!!!

    And I hope teh bruises are all gone real soon. I wanna see your face all back to normal and smiling brightly without purpley stuff. :D

  3. Yep - It's been a lifetime!
    For me, since Middle School.
    (Junior High)
    I was super wobbly.
    But I didn't forget how to ride!

  4. I want a bike so badly, it looks like so much fun!

  5. This is a great bike - and even though it is used,
    it was well-maintained.

    My shirt is so big, at one point
    it got caught on the seat when I stood up.
    The bike is a little big, as well,
    but my legs are so long, this lets me stretch out.

    I even had to dismount once -
    At a stop sign, close to home...
    I lost my balance and just fell off....
    I wasn't even going when I fell -
    I was at a complete stop.

  6. Yay for the staples! Yummy bacon and eggs. I'd eat that!

    Thanks for taking us on the ride around your neighborhood. Looks so enjoyable. I live in an area with lots of hills and few biking trails, so it's not cycling friendly at all. Would be nice to ride around like you did. Enjoy it for both of us :)

  7. Biking while video taking leads to staples !!!

  8. Right - but my head was still too sore to wear the helmet!

  9. I love my bike but I don't use it often enough. Your's looks great. I'm glad you enjoyed your first ride.:)

  10. Nice bike. You didnt ride it to White Castle did you?

  11. Whoot!! Bikes ROCK!!

  12. Fun ride with you today! Hope you can get that helmet back on soon.

  13. I'm a little dizzy now lol. Glad you got a bike ride in and got your staples out. Cute little trickster too :) kids are so much fun.

  14. Even though I'm an RN and *should* know better, I kinda feel the same way about wearing a bike helmet--at least when I'm riding where there's no traffic. I DO wear one if there's a chance I could encounter a car or steep hill, for instance, but out on a deserted country road (dirt), then no way. The feeling of freedom is soooo lovely. Happy trails!!

  15. YAY! No more staples.

    Watch out for those pants legs on the bike chains. I got mine caught in there and almost fell off. Plus it ripped a hole in my pants. :(
    Glad you're out trying new things. Have fun!

  16. Have you given your bike a name yet?

  17. Your eyes sure do look better! Keep posting pics of the food, it helps me get more ideas.

  18. Ummmm you didn't stop for the stop sign :)

  19. Glad the staples are gone! Also, I envy the bike ride. It's been snowing here all day--bah humbug! I need some spring weather. You're lookin' good!

  20. Nice ride!

    We are thinking of renting bikes to see if we still remember how it goes.

    Love the peek-a-boo friend and I am glad you are staple free.

    Keeping on healing!

    Say hi to Miss B!!!

  21. A name for the Bike.....good question, Lee!

    I wanted to name her NessaRose.
    But she is a boy. (The bike - not Nessa)

    Then I thought - Boq! (pronounced "Bok")
    Boq - the Bike!

    What do ya'll think?
    Something from Wicked for sure.

  22. Boq - the Bike!

    Good name for a good ride

  23. I like Boq - the Bike too.
    Boq was turned into the TinMan
    in Wicked.... and a bike is metal....... soooooo
    And it's heartless, too..... actually....


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