28 April 2011


Now bore -ding.....
A very long day as a medical escort.

Now I remember why I like to drive -
Checking in takes forever!

I had to ask for some dumb little booties 
when I took my shoes off at the airport - 
Just sayin'....

Smells like cinnamon rolls

Why yes - I would like a cup please

And another cup when I got home

My little patient's doctor told her to have 
Decaff coffee
Poor thing! No wonder she sneaks off to 
Starbucks every chance she gets!

In other news,
This FireFly run sounds like fun.....
It would be fun to walk the course.
At night - all lit up!

A bowl of beef hot dogs - the kosher type...
They were good - not too fancy, though!

Every now and then I take a body shot pic.
This one chopped off my head.
The size 8/10 pants are still loose.
But not quite ready for the next size down.
Still in that same zone... not up - not down....

I'm getting better and better
after my head injury.
Almost 3 weeks now.
Thanks again to everyone 
who wished me well.

Soon enough, it's back to CrossFit
And Boot Camp all summer long!

I am looking forward to getting stronger 
and more healthy and fit!


  1. Hope you have a lovely day!
    It's supposed to be cold here tonight - in the 40's!
    Stay warm already!

  2. Your last sentence says it all. wishing you the best of days Anne. hugs.

  3. You look Marrrrrvelous, dear. I hopped hear from Jacks blog. I am glad that I did. As I just began my journey two weeks ago. LOL size 8's are lose!! Great job!

  4. Huh. I've never thought of not up and not down either as being in a zone. Maybe that's how I should start perceiving it.

  5. You have achieved so much, Anne. You should be very proud.

  6. Ooh. Just got an urge for a kosher hot dog all chopped up with a bit of sauerkraut and mustard on the side. Num.

    And I always wish you well. You're one of the shining human bright spots in blogging for me. And I can see that you're leaner. Next size down, here she comes!

  7. mmm beef hotdogs! I put sauerkraut and mustard too. Maybe a NY thing? Hubs likes chili, onions and mustard but he grew up in Michigan. Whats a texas weiner?! :-)

  8. Yeah, thanks!
    My backside was never my problem per se!
    And Danskins capri pants from WalMart are probably Vanity sized....
    Medium scrubs still look like I'm wearing someone else's clothes.
    Been waiting for the Smalls!

  9. Yes, indeed!
    One of the few things I have that fits half-way!
    You get a free shirt when you place an order of a certain amount.

  10. Air travel is so crazy these days. Unless it's a very long way away, I'd prefer to drive too.

    Glad you're feeling good, Anne.

    xo jj

  11. Mmm...hot dogs. I get antibiotic, hormone free beef hot dogs and cut them up and fry them in butter...then I mix them with some beans in tomato sauce...love!!!

    The Firefly Run sounds lovely and I think you should walk it!!!

    Love the pic...but where is your head? Bring back the head shots!

  12. Glad to see your head is less injured these days! I smacked mine pretty good on a deck beam (I was under the deck) ;ast Saturday and discovered the reason I still had a headache from it Monday night...2-3" laceration on my noggen! Didn't bleed though, odd...

  13. Hi Anne, Thanks for checking in on me! I just came off of two insanely busy weeks, but after I make 400 more soaps for the gift bags that the "Girls on the Run" get, it should slow down quite a bit. :)

    Omigosh, I have been so out of the loop. Sorry about your head injury!! I hope to get caught up on my blog reading soon so I can find out what happened. Hope you are mending well!!



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