10 April 2011

stir fry

Rice Vinegar + Tamari + Sesame Oil + Fish Sauce
Or really - anything you happen to have on hand

Add ground beef, sausage, water chestnuts, cabbage
Or really - anything you happen to have on hand

Now this looks a bit tepid......
Sorry - the lights don't do it justice!

But I assure you -
You will want to lick the plate
Or anything you might have on hand!

Taking it easy for a day or so 
cuz I fell and cut my head.
6 staples and it totally knocked me out.
I went down for the count and woke up in the ER.
I'm ok.... just lost my balance - 
And now I am very sore!
And here's an Alison update... the classic before and after
This was a year ago, and now... 

She's still loving her LoCarb way of eating!

Carb Master yogurt with 
added protein powder
is my new fave treat!

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. I'm slightly addicted these days to Almond Breeze unsweetened with some Solgar Whey to Go chocolate flavor shaken up with ice. Not as heavy or weird like some whey shakes. Nice, light flavor.

    I think the stir fry looks nummy. I'd have to leave out the fish sauce, but I love cabbage /beef mixtures. Mmmm...... And ground pork.Mmmmm.

    Allison looks intense in that shot. And love the lip gloss!

  2. Ouch! I hope it doesn't leave you with a headache.

  3. Anne, 6 staples, ER? So sorry to hear that. Take care of yourself, rest and heal quickly! We need you healthy and in one piece!

    Great job, Alison! That's a big difference!

  4. That actually sounds delish :) Alison`s looking awesome!!

  5. Yeah, she cleans up nicely!
    She brought me some Sugar Free candy.
    She's a LoCarb protégée for sure.

  6. Girl. Be careful!!! Take care of your nogin!!!(a.k.a. Head)

  7. Poor Anne! I hate that you had to get staples. No "easy" button there.

    Alison is looking fantastic! And so are you. :)

    stir fry sounds really good right now. And some yogurt and protein powder. nom nom

  8. Yikes, I worry about falling at my age. Take care!

  9. Oh my gosh, Alison is super hot!! Ask her is she thinks I should go blonde too when I get to goal weight? I hear they have more fun! :)

  10. owy! hope the noggin heals quickly. I still have a tender place from knocking my head several months ago.

  11. Great before and after Alison!!!

    Take care Anne and keep your head up!

  12. Those before and afters look amazing. Wow. The stir-fry also sounds very good.


  13. Love the Carbmaster Yogurt but needed a change so I'm doing Fage greek yogurt right now. It is very good and is low fat also. They 0% fat and 2% fat. Lots of options. You are doing great, Anne.:)

  14. I hope your sense of humor is still intact after the wack to your head! Lucky for you it was just some "staples!"

  15. Thanks, Karen Butler Ogle, but I'm not -
    My head is kinda pounding here -

    Thanks everyone for all the kind words and comments.....
    I might be out of the loop for a while -
    This smashed up cranium thing
    isn't as fun as they make it look on Gilligans' Island!

  16. But, yeah, Michele - my sense of humor is still intact.
    Go figure, huh?
    I can't stop snickering about the whole thing.
    That's what's messed up.
    I should feel something......I just feel goofy.

  17. So who is nursing your boo boo Anne?
    I know you are all about strength, endurance and will power
    however, its ok to lie low for awhile. I know nurses can make the worst
    patients and there is nothing wrong in asking for help.
    There, I had to say it otherwise what kind of friend would I be?!

  18. Ouch!!

    Hope you know why you last your balance so you won't do it again. Have a rest


  19. Oh no, Anne! You really lost it, didn't you! Please take care of yourself, and we will be here for emotional support, if not bringing you hot tea and ice bags. Ouch!

  20. I plead the fifth..... amendment, that is!
    Thanks for everyone's kind words and concern.
    Truth is, this is probably the best thing
    that could have happened to me!
    Got my attention, for sure!


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