18 April 2011

shopping day

Heavy Whipping Cream at WalMart 

A special for CORNivars

And Peeps

That time of year

My new cast iron skillet - with lines

My new/used bike will be good for riding outside
While the other bike stays inside - on the trainer.
It's way too heavy to haul up and down the stairs 
every day! That's a second work-out!

An electric tire inflater

Can you really drink egg whites and not die?

Hope your day is great!
Any big plans this week?
Do tell!


  1. My new/old bike is a Trek Multitrack 700.
    Paid $75 for it.
    Hope I didn't overpay! ;D

  2. Ohhh, a new bike! Fun!

    You know I love you, Anne, but that liquid does not look like egg whites. If I cracked an egg and the white looked like that I'd toss it as spoiled. There's nothing like the real thing. Power to you if you enjoy it, but I'll pass. I am happy to stick with real eggs.

    and you know I will always join you:)

  4. That's true - It's just extra protein!
    And I do eat my share of real eggs.
    Even from a local dealer, when I can get them!

  5. Yeah, my neighbor has a Moped.
    So he keeps one.
    Inflated the tires on the bike in about 10 seconds "flat!"
    Just plug it in... turn it on .... and go!

  6. Nice price for the cornivars!

  7. I buy both the egg whites and the substitute eggs in the cartons! I've been eating them so long that I really love them :)

  8. I love my outside bike but it is too heavy for me to carry down the steps alone. I need something light weight. I also need an exercise bike for my exercise room. The last one I had bit the dust.

  9. Gotta love cast iron skillets. Best thing!

  10. That is a sexy skillet you have there.

  11. The electric tire doomaflodgy looks great. We have a pretty nice tire pump. The bikes stay in the garage and the pump is on a shelf, handy. We have been riding when weather permits but on cold days, in the forties, I don't ride. Too cold for my sinus and my eyes water in the cold wind as I am riding.

  12. I also need a new bike! ...one with handle bars that don't give me a dowager's hump from bending over so far to reach. I like the set-up of yours.

  13. The guy who was visiting me the night I fell
    was moving (he borrowed Trucky)
    And said he was just going to leave that bike behind!
    So I jumped in and viola!
    It's a win-win situation.

  14. Awwww...shucks, your Trek reminds me of my own sweet Betty (cruiser bike) standing lonely in my shed, waiting for me to take her for a spin. Fingers crossed for a spell of warm weather. Soon. Please. Pretty please. With Splenda on top. And heavy whipping cream. :)

  15. I saw a nice bike at walmart the other night, im thinking bout buying one too! Oh yeah and we bought that heavy cream you have pictured there haha!!!
    I dont want to drink plain ole egg whites, but I did buy some protien powdder this weekend and Im having my first drink right now :-D
    Glad you got a good deal on such a nice bike and I bet before the summer is over the electrified tire inflator will come in handy!

  16. I love your photo posts ... and video! Egg whites without death! mmm

  17. Never saw an electric tire inflater, but I like it! Love the fact that you have a bike!! So much fun!

  18. Oh, I have a cast iron sckillet pretty much identical to your's and it is great! After my workouts, I just take a few strips of chicken breast and season it a little, pop it on the skillet and very quickly I have what tastes like lean healthy bbq-ed chicken. I also do the same with fresh veges and it has been great for my after exercise meals.

  19. I just can't get my skillet seasoned right. Maybe it just takes more time and cooking with it.

  20. p.s. I'm not against bokeh, per se, but I do like the waves better. More calming. ♒♒♒♒

  21. Nice skillet, nice bike, nice cream...these are all nice pics.

    I will have my egg whites cooked...glad you lived through drinking them.

  22. Arrrgggggghhhhhh!

    Just kidding!

  23. How did you microwave those eggs from yesterday? Are the yolks still kinda loose? It looks good.

    Love the barbeque lines in the skillet, and cast iron at that! And the tire inflater? vunderbar.

  24. I like this video today. Felt like you were just talking to me. I like to crack an egg into a fancy glass, whip it up just a little with a fork and down the hatch. No death, no illness, just a fast tasty meal.


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