16 April 2011

love is deaf

Her: Hey
Him: Huh?

Her: Hey!!
Him: What? Did you say something?

Her: Hey!!! Can ya hear me?
Him: What? I didn't hear you!

Her: Check your battery!
Him: What? Huh?

Her: Check.....Your.....Battery!
Him: Hmmm?  You say "It's Saturday?"

Her: What?
Him: You killed a dead rat today?

Her: Huh? Where?
HIm: No, honey, -  you don't look fat today!

Her: When is lunch?
Him: Let's eat. Love ya!

Her: Love you more!
Him: ....... I heard that!
All in a days work!
A typical conversation at my job.
Little Mister and Little Miss Baby.

Hope your day is wonderful
How's your Spring going? 
Happy, I trust!


  1. Not so far off, either
    Saturday > rat today
    cracks me up
    bitter-sweet laugh

  2. Funny how you can always hear love no matter how deaf you are.
    Well mostly.

  3. hahaha. My dad lost most or his hearing/was pretty deaf by his last years. My poor mother shouting and shouting. But..well...love does get communicated. :) By the end, all he could pretty much do was smile and blink blindly and deafly...but you let them know through touch. And he'd let us know through his loving smile, too. And laughter.

    Ah, I'm making myself too nostalgic...

    Goodnight, sweets.

  4. They say All You Need Is Love!
    That, and maybe some good coffee...
    (With Heavy Whipping Cream!)

  5. Spring is going great so far. I'm loving the sunshine. Love the post, Anne.

  6. That sounds just like my grandparents when they were alive!

  7. Ha! That could almost be a conversation around my house :-) Bless their hearts.

    And your post yesterday-- Glad you were out and about having fun with a patient. She sounds like a neat lady.

    Keep feeling good. You know warm compresses will help break up the bruising-- Then again, they do make for a good story ;-)

    xoxo jj

  8. That's just a normal conversation between my mom and me. Frustrating at times. Really funny at others.

  9. coffee with heavy whipping cream ... nomnom

    fat is where it's at ironically.


  10. A baby-sized cup...


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