13 April 2011

let's talk about it

A little Arnica Montana for bruising.
And Glutamine for muscle repair.
Ok. You have the damage report. 
Care to talk about the "why" and "what next?"

I read alot of blogs....
Sometimes there are some big changes after weight-loss!
There are bound to be some changes after weight-loss.

Because fatty blogs are not just about weight-loss.
Or food. But rather, change! From someplace deep inside.

Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes, not.
Sometimes it's acting out.
Sometimes it's just bad judgement.
Or we think our work is done because the number 
on the scale finally says what we want it to say.
That's not when our journey is completed....  
That's when our journey starts!

And sometimes it just is what it is!
People read my blog (almost 2 years now)
Many have written and told me they thought 
I was more together than this!
Well, hardly! (Oh, pul-eze!)

Look at stories of Noah, after the Great Flood.
What's the first thing he did after the Earth was cleansed?
He went out drinking. Except he was naked.... 
My nakedness is (thankfully) metaphorical! (As was his?)

Even "good" behaviours can be taken to new lows.
Too much working out. Too much of anything!
It's all about the purpose behind the behavior - 
not the behavior itself.

So now just like in "real life"  - it's not what happens,
but rather - "What are ya gonna do about it?"

I ask myself - What would a happy person do?
A "normal" person do? A loving person?

I guess, just keep getting better, 
and keep being accountable, and open.
Learn to do what works, and not just what I want to do.
I'm learning to be gentle - without being passive.
And all kinds of cool things! 
Moderation in all things.... including moderation!

In the mean while, I made some awesome chicken dipping sauces.
I want to eat extra protein to help get over these cuts and bruises.
You know, this injury also means I can't Blonde my hair for a while.
Dang! I'll have to dye another day.

Back to recovery for real!
Hope your day is awesome.
And if anyone wonders,
I'm still giggling about the whole thing!
(It only hurts when I laugh!)


  1. Hi Anne, You make me laugh out loud. Great blog. I loved the "Moderation in all things...including moderation!" Hope you can get those staples out soon. :)

  2. The journey is never completed. We keep learning.

    I don't drink, never really did. But once some years ago I got drunk (from a single glass of wine) and made a complete fool of myself. Had a huge bruise on my thigh to prove it. Today, I know that I shouldn't drink at all and I don't. I also have a hilarious story to tell.

    It's all good, Anne. Keep sharing. :)

  3. Learning to be gentle - without being passive is no easy thing. But from all indications, you are getting there, even when it comes to introspection.

    My bruised, stitched lip was a complete nothing compared to your staples and bruises. We'll all be celebrating with you the day you can do your hair again.

    Hugs, PB

  4. Well, booze doesn't appeal to me except for, once in a while, wine or some really sweet concotion. I realized that I prefer virgin silly sweet concoctions, so I musta liked the SUGAR and JUICE and CREAM more than the actual booze. HAH.

    Anyway, we all have our issues. No matter what age, we can always learn and grow and become smarter and wiser. Not everyone is honest about where they Eff Up.

    I want your bruises gone so we can see you looking smiling and blonded up and back to Anne Style.

    With love, sweets...

  5. I liked what Princess Dieter said... yep, we ALL goof up. You are just so open and honest about it all, and learn and grow discover new stuff along the way.

    Oh, and Oops.. I forgot to answer your question, Anne. That yummy low carb sugarfree chocolate is ChocoPerfection. My new fav is the Milk Chocolate variety. But they also have Dark European Chocolate, with or without almonds. If you prefer dark chocolate, you'll enjoy that.

    I recently discovered that Netrition now sells it as cheap as the wholesale large quantity packs from the ChocoPerfection website; but you can read about it there: http://www.lowcarbspecialties.com/

    But now I can get it in smaller amounts at Netrition. Though... stock up before warm weather, or will have to pay for ice packing, else it melts. :-O

    Anyway, it's rich and yummy, and actually GOOD for you, being sweetened with a high fiber chicory root. :-) Yeah, anything to justify chocolate, LOL!

  6. we.are.all.HUMAN.
    that is really all I need to ever know.


  7. Oh, yeah - it is all good!
    I have no doubt. (Must be the endorphins!)
    And Loretta, thanks for the Chocolate info!

  8. Arnica Montana for bruising, I will remember that! The black eyes look like they might be at maximum color now and will hopefully begin to fade soon. Although I was embarrassed when I had that aweful black eye, it was also sort of fun to watch how people reacted.

    Your blog today has a lot of deep thoughts (and not by Jack Handy). I often wonder what it much be like to be a normal person ... that leads me to thinking about how much the same we all are. I guess we are all unique and yet the same.

  9. Not to be too Zen this early in the day -
    Some say "We are All One".... on some level....
    And that's why we don't like it!
    Because we know that it must be true!
    We all are really very much the same.
    (And that's good!)

  10. I love this post! I am searching for my change... Arnica is great stuff, isn't it? Happy healing~I know you'll be running circles around us in no time!

  11. Hang in there, Anne. This is a great post and I'm to see you back to normal. Sorry about the black eyes. I hope they heal fast too.

  12. I've never heard of arnica montana!
    Hope it helps!

  13. First Hannah Montana and now Arnica Montana? Except one is not annoying and actually does something useful?

    Keep on healing. The joruney never really ends does it? That's why for my goal weight gift to myself I will be joining an outdoor club so that a new journey begins. :)

  14. Thanks for being so open as you are sharing this next part of your journey. Weight loss brings with it many changes, and we have to learn to deal with them. You're doing well by being honest, open, and gentle with yourself. You're a great lady!

  15. Huh...the bruises look sort of cool, like you're some bad@$$ sort who won the fight! No blonding though? Wow...now you'll just have tipped color, which is currently a totally hip thing.

  16. Re the choco: I keep a stash of Chocoperfection in the house. The dark. A dozen with almonds. A dozen plain dark. I eat a square or two as a dessert a few times a week. 40 calories per square, 5 squares per bar. Low carb. High fiber. Pleasant taste (though it's no Valrhona). It's the nicest sugar-free choco I've had.

    Although you can make your own choco with cocoa, cream, splenda....still, I'm lazy. I'd rather someone else make it. I get it from Netrition, too.

  17. Thank you for being so candid and honest. Seriously someone scolded you, so to speak. Wow. Weight loss does bring many changes, hell, life brings changes. We all grow and evolve. Hang in there, you're doing great. The hair color - hmmmmm - now that's a problem! : )


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