27 April 2011

pasta dinner

Dreamfields Pasta
for dinner tonight

Red sauce and hamburger meat

If you mix Thousand Island Dressing with EVOO,
Do you get Virgin Island Dressing?

And basil from the garden. OMG.
And avocado.

This is called a "table." People eat at them. 

These are called "plates" and "silverware" !!

Lunch on the run- throw out the bun!


Fancy stuff, I would say!
This is Starbucks drive-thru

Sitting under the hair dryers.....
I can't believe I get  paid to have such fun!

I'll have a caffe mocha vodka
valium latte to go please

Had a great time!
Wonderful awesome time!
Happy time..... remember happy?


  1. I'll have what your having!

    Cafe mocha vodka valium latte indeed!

  2. In all fairness I must say - I had the decaff!
    Being the designated driver and all....

  3. Just caught up on your posts...
    seems like you're getting back
    to being more you

    great pics in this post
    but peanut butter out of the jar?
    isn't that just one of life's
    most fabulous treats?

    my husband thinks so!

  4. So envious of your Starbucks...and it's beautiful, to boot! lol

    Dinner looks yummy. Finally, after years of envy, our stores finally carry Dreamfields pasta! I have some in the cupboard.

  5. Dreamfields is yummy... so much so, in fact, I have to be very careful not to overdo it. :-O But it's nice once in a while to have "real" pasta.

  6. I'll have a double Cafe mocha vodka valium latte, hold the latte. :) Fun times ... and I love Dreamfield's.

  7. I think you get Island Virgins instead; a guy can cream cant he!? Looking good Anne!

  8. The pasta looks yummy! You look great!

  9. A table set for two? Nice.

    The mocha vodka valium thing....I have that on a tee shirt. :)

  10. Ah...Happy! Happy is Good!

  11. Never tried Dreamfields but I guess I have to - it looked really good!! You look so happy.

  12. lunch on the run--throw out the bun!!! thats what Im going to do this afternoon, after a meeting I dont wanna do hehe! Glad you had a good day, dinner looks great!

  13. Been eating Dreamfields for a while, though have not had it lately. I have some in the pantry. Hubby loves it. How do you find it affects your ketosis/blood sugar?

    Virgin Island??? Trademark that! ahahahahah Or maybe it's 1000 Virgins Island?

    Anyway, nice spending another day in pics with you. :D


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