03 April 2011

if - no alibi

If - a Person really wanted to be a dancer
.....a boxer....a teacher.... or whatever......
In, say 2 years - you  would at least have made 
some effort to do it - the thing you love!
You might have made one single phone call about it.
You might have talked to at least one person about it.

You would have done something- anything - to at least try!

Maybe made a list.... maybe made a plan of some sort!

(And by "you" I mean "me" - or some "random" person!)

I keep thinking about the Hospice classes 
I keep missing. One evening a month. One hour class.
Free dinner. Free CEU's. And I still can't find the time.
In one year, I can't find one hour to do this thing!
Proves to me - my heart might not be in it
like I would like to think it was.....
And that's ok!

Kinda like weight loss - 
5 pounds in one year is do-able!
(By the way, this is 6 months after I started LC!)
I would love to have seen the b4!

Now, I know sometimes things come up.
They aren't really excuses - there are reasons.
And that's ok for sure!

But then - sometime....... "perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow"
You would have remembered to think about 
The thing that is supposedly nearest and dearest to your heart!

So about this Trainer Thing....
It feels good to know that I like the idea,
 and so far there are no conflicts!
[Not that I'm looking for any, mind you!]
Did I tell you - the whole idea started out 
as a post for this very blog!?
It went something like this......
Howdy campers -
Are you ready to start your LoCarb Induction Phase?
For the small sum of $10,000 or more 
I, Anne H *aka CarbTripper*
Will take you into the desert, and the Grand Canyon
Where I will personally leave you guide you
For your Two Week LoCarb Induction Phase!

Image the thrill - no electricity!
Sleeping in a "cool" tent!
Only beef jerky and hard-boiled eggs to eat!
Only water to drink!
Hike 2 hours in the morning.
Hike 2 hours in the evening!
And go star-gazing all night long......
Under the stars!
Which were -no doubt- put there just for you!

By the time you return home in 2 weeks - 
You will be a LoCarb Enthusiast!

PHoohey on Potatoes!
Kiss Korn Koodbye!
Sugar -Booger!
Candy - Not So Dandy!
Liquor? Not till after induction, eh?
Flour - Power? I think not!!!
(Yeah - knots in your stomach!)
Well, you get the idea.
So - my Boss said - Wait!
That is a great idea!
Don't make fun of it...
"Do It!" That's what she said!

So that is how the idea got started!
And took off....
We'll see what happens next!

Walking and trying
Not so long ago

And dancing around
And from last week 
in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon!!!
Brrrr....... it was cold!

I think my Mac needs some work. 
New "memory," actually. 
So much work to do - After the "Planning"
comes the "Doing!"
So - this seems like a good time...
We'll see what happens there, as well!

Stay happy - Thanks for reading!


  1. Yep - lots of gaps in the HTML today.
    And I can't fix it!
    What's up with that?
    Perhaps it is time for a tune up!
    Hope you are having a lovely 93rd day of the year!

  2. You make a great point with realizing if your heart really is into something...I sure can tell the difference when it IS and when it ISN'T. Good thing to ponder today - thanks!

    Also, I hope you are feeling better this morning - I saw what you wrote in the middle of the night. Hate that you were so hurt. :(

  3. My HTML had me saying WTF??? I tried several things the Google recommended but none were successful...I got desperate and installed a different browser and all is good! I had IE, but now I have Firefox.

    Who is abusing you? I don't like it!!!

  4. That all we need "new memories".

    That long journey from the mind to the heart its where its all at.
    Now that lesson 92 has passed...
    Lesson 93 “Light and joy and peace abide in me.”

  5. Love this post, Anne I agree with you about the low carbing plan. That is the only thing that worked for me before I had surgery and the after surgery plan is low carb too. This new primarian plan is different though in that it contains a lot of fruits and berries but not starch of sugars other than what comes naturally in low far dairy and fruit. So far, I'm loving it. I vicariously enjoyed your trip out west and wish I had been there to see you in person. Hugs. :)

  6. It looks like we've had a Facebook disconnect... I wanted to answer your recent message and it isn't there. Also you're not on my friends list anymore... not by my choice.

    I'm sorry I haven't been here for so long... my recent two posts may be a clue to the reasons. Anyway, I've missed you and am trying to get back into the flow.

    Looks like you're having formatting problems with blogspot too. Makes me crazy... HTML doesn't work right and neither does auto format. Gnash, gnash.

  7. I loved watching those little videos, I want to see more!

    Best Wishes,


  8. Im ready to go into the desert with you.

  9. Lets' go!
    I'm already there, to tell the truth!

  10. Thoughtful blog.

    Missed reading them!

  11. Because I keep telling my self that I can't...I don't. Because I've failed when I've tried before, I don't allow myself to try once more. Because I don't do anything if I think I can't win, well, I lose. But not my weight. No, that follows me around like a nagging mother-in-law. And, I feel sad because I know I'm better than this; more than this' stronger than this; but no one can tell because of what they see instead. I have to find a way to invest the energy in becoming authentic instead of wishing I was..."if wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets."

  12. How true that is - if you really don't want to do something, you drag your feet. If you really want to do something, you find a way to do it.

    That's why I linked weight loss to what was near and dear to my heart. It helps me keep the weight off [over 3 years now - the same size - I consider that a miracle]

    I'm so glad you found something to be passionate about. It makes all the difference -- everywhere. When I found my passions, I felt as if someone turned a lightswitch on inside me. I never looked back. And I keep at it -- going after what is dear to my heart.

  13. Because you accomplished so much, you would be a great trainer by example. The healthy lifestyle you adopted is proven in all the changes you made. You have before and after photos and a specific time frame it took to achieve your goal.

  14. Really good thought about how avoidance - not making time is a clue that your heart might not be in it. I'll remember that next time I'm procrastinating!

  15. Yes - me too!
    Like the first 5 years or so I carried around all my extra weight,
    And just bought a bigger size shirt every time I gained even more!

  16. Write it sister! (speak truth to power)

    Forcing myself never works anyway, just makes me feel inadequate. Head tries to control when heart already knows the way. Relax and glide. Much lighter ride...

  17. I think you would be a great trainer and if your heart is in it you'll find a way to do it.
    You always find time for what's most important to you. It's true for every one.

    I still love that story of how you went LC. Amazing. The universe kind of held you there until you saw the light. ;-)

  18. Yea wish I could go off into the wood for a few weeks it's a great feeling (minus the skunks lol). I love lucy but not sure I want to go camping with her lol.

  19. The video says: Why is it so yellow mutton light????? Didn't take?
    Of courser, my neighbor pushed the wrong button...soooooo......


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