11 April 2011


This is what it feels like

This is what it looks like

6 staples.....

Does it hurt? Yes.
Alot? Uh-huh.

They bleached most of the blood 
from the concrete.....
I got most of the blood off the walls 
(have to repaint)
and threw away all the clothes.
The actual pictures are too gory to post.

My previous area of Nursing was
Traumatic Brain Injury!
And this was just a "flesh would!"
(I've always wanted to be able to say that!)
Time to rehab my own life now, I reckon.

I'm kinda tired and really don't feel so good today
Really - I don't feel so good at all.
I think in my heart that this changes everything.
I don't know what that means.
But - well, I don't know.

Probably going to take it easy for a while
And try to figure it all out.
So - think happy thoughts
And I will be around!
Blogs and kisses


  1. You are one remarkable woman. ER, 6 staples, blood everywhere and you're so casual about it. Eeeegad, I'd be bellyachin' and poor-me-ing sooooo bad. But you just calmly mention that you don't feel so good today.

    In the months I've been reading your blog, you haven't mentioned much about close friends or family, as in living close to you... Do you have anyone to look in on you as you recover, pamper you a little? I hope so.

    Question... do the staples get removed eventually? I'm squeamish (could NEVER be a nurse), but also curious...

    Gentle hugs...

  2. That was very nasty. You've got enough sense to take it seriously.

    Get well quick.

    Curious to know where you were and how you were found.

    I'm kinda nosey or I wouldn't be following, (stalking), so any Blogs.

    Hope someone is taking care of you Miss Hospice Nurse who loves to take care of others in need.


  3. Wait?? WHAT??? Hold on??? What the hell happened?????

    I ...huh?

    Okay, those staples look wicked. It's distressing to see. But the fact that you took pics and posted and aren't in the hospital says you are pretty okay.

    Scary. Please be careful. :(

    Hugs and healing wishes...

  4. So now you're a headbanger?
    I thought this blog was all about hip hoppin'!

    I don't think this is crack a lackin at all, Anne.
    Your new diet staples?

    Shall I go on?

    Be well, kiddo.

  5. You are so brave. I wish I could come over and take care of you for a while and I hope someone close will come and do that. As for the meaning. I believe everything happens for a reason. Time will tell and show you the direction. Get well soon, sweetie. (((((hugs)))))

  6. Holy cannoli! When you said staples, I was envisioning some dinky things. Those are ginormous!

    Take off all the time you need... rest and pamper yourself. We'll be here when you feel like it.

  7. hugs hugs hugs hugs HUGS FRIEND!!!

  8. I've never seen staples like that OMG - I hope you feel better soon. Take good care of yourself, Anne.

  9. Yikes!!! Speedy recovery to you!

  10. OMG! Get better, gal. I'm sending happy thoughts, good vibes, and healing prayers your way.

  11. Almost passed out on this blog. I hope you get better soon. You will be in our thoughts and prayers!!

  12. Holy cow. Or holy OW. I didn't picture it being the top of your skull. Poor girly! How far did you fall and how long were you out? So glad that you are in one piece (albeit stapled together).

  13. Joining your blogging friends here in sending healing thoughts your way.

  14. Really hope you are feeling better soon. I never got a good look at my staples (c-section) but I'm queasy just thinking about it now.

    Lots o' drugs, keep that pain down.

  15. Why did my head suddenly start to hurt when I swaw those staples? Ouch!!

    I'm curious what this changes. I like to know more. I'm worried about you. I want you to be happy and feel good, etc.

    Take care of you, please. You're the only Anne H out there. You're a lovely person.

  16. ouch! hope you feel better! rest & relax!

  17. Wow, Anne! I can't imagine how that must have felt. Yikes. I hope you feel better soon. What happened? Did I miss a post?

  18. Can I borrow the stapler when you're done?

  19. Wow, that must have been some head bang! Feel better.

  20. Ouchie Mama! Staples are cool, though, and they didn't shave your head!

  21. How much weight did you lose with all the blood loss? And what the heck did you do?

  22. Wow....I mean....wow. I shocked at that...what a terrible shock must that have been for you....and more than a little bit worrying. Have they identified the reason, I know you fell, but was there an obvious reason for the fall. Please take a step back and rest...really really rest....I'm not in the least surprised you don't feel good, but your body is telling you to take it easy. Hope you feel better very soon

  23. I can't look at it~OUCH! I do, however, think Worf (sp?) is very s*xy! :) I am in awe of your intuitive eating, and hope to get there one day...

  24. Wow - take it easy! Hope you aren't in too much discomfort.

  25. What did you do? Ow! I'm such a baby, when I got stitches in my finger [because it was too small to butterfly] I made my then boyfriend now husband change the bandages. I could not look at it.

  26. No no no -
    Thanks, everyone - for you kind words!
    I did some of this to myself....
    Just so you don't worry....
    I was simply having a few drinks on the patio/breezeway
    With a friend the other night.
    When I got up, I went this way and the chair went that way.
    And I Iost my footing, and down I went - backwards!
    Knocked out cold. That's when I cut my head.
    (I was already sore from starting CrossFit...
    So I was already sitting down and getting up
    like a pregnant woman would.)
    Now the trouble came when my friend tried to pick me up.
    I was out cold, and for some reason he tried to move me.
    And of course he could not, and he dropped me again....
    right on my head. From what I've been told.
    That is when the neighbors came to my aid and called 911.
    Some night!

  27. holy shit, that is one hell of a "boo-boo"..not what I was envisioning at all!! Im so glad you are OK, albeit sore and a bit melancholy (seemingly?). That is scary, please take good care of you!!!

  28. Poor Anne!!! Feel better...sending healing vibes, love and hugs.

  29. It's all been said but do take care and feel better soon. Those staples are mean looking! :)

  30. Your poor noggin has had some bad luck this year. No worries though, your wicked scars will scare away questionable folks that come your way.

    Much love and happy healing ♥

  31. ((((((((hugs)))))))))

    get better soon!!!!!!!

  32. Goodness where have I been, I'm sorry you hurt yourself. Glad you're pretty ok though I'm sure not all that comfortable. Hugs to you dear Anne!


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