17 April 2011

lucky day

Had to make these at work, now that I
taught my patient how to use the microwave

Meh .... Micro - heuvos
I'm more sophisticated now....
My tastes have changed over the past 2 years!
Eating "junk" food would be like 
eating frosting right from the can!
Disappointed smile

Same with this....
No more cheese dip! Please! Yikes!
Am I turning into a "Food Snob?"
Or just a "Foodie"  on the next level?

Hold my buns, please

My black eyes are healing up nicely....
The staples might come out tomorrow
it I can find the pliers..... (kidding, of course!)
And this arm bruise is on the mend...
It's a good one, eh?

The bruised rib no longer stabs and throbs with pain
each time I move, or take a deep breath....
So that's good!
Winking smile
All the other cuts and scrapes are healing up, as well!
Thanks, everyone for all of your kind words 
and get well wishes!

Couple of nights ago, 
a major storm did this - just outside my door.
This is the 3rd time lightning has struck in my backyard
with me inside the house.

So it might just be my lucky day!
Hope it is yours as well!
Rolling on the floor laughing

I made this video on FB - this morning...
I'm healing up nicely - must be all of your kind
words and happy thoughts! Thanks!!
Oh - and the extra protein can't hurt!


  1. Even lightning likes you so much it wants to be close. ; )

    The arm bruise is like one of the upside down horseshoes they nail up so luck doesn't "run out". Maybe it's signalling something amazing gonna happen. The Divine Thump on Da Head to Make You See Something New?

    I don't know. Theorizing. Feel free to stick your tongue out at me for being a "baka" (idiot). :)

    Or just say, "Yeah, lucky horseshoe. Something cool is coming my way."

    I am craving eggs and burger now. Your fault. :)

    Nitey, sweetie...

  2. Thanks, PD -
    At first, I called this post "working day"
    or something like that.
    But someone on FB said how lucky I was
    About not getting hurt worse when I fell.....
    And about the lightning......
    So I called it this.
    But you might just be right!

  3. I am glad you are getting better. They are some bruises.

    Take care!

  4. Ouch, it looks like it hurt big time!!

  5. I have a egg poacher similar to that one. I love my poached eggs. I'm glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and are healing. I hope you are back to 100% soon. Hugs. :)

  6. You are one lucky woman I am thinking. I think there is a horseshoe involved here. you are eating healthy chickie, yeah....I hope you are all healed soon and looking more like your lovely self. hugs.

  7. I like those plates with the hearts around them!

    Glad you are healing and are not is so much rib pain!

    Hope you bought a lottery ticket lucky lady!

  8. That's a nice horseshoe bruise. Seems you are lucky afterall seeing as the lightning struck the tree instead of the building. Lucky horseshoe...

  9. U Badass, U.
    Looks like you've been branded by a cowpoke.

    The ol' frosting in a can snack. I remember it well.

  10. Glad you're on the mend! And I think we should both have our buns held...FOREVER! :-D

  11. Can't believe I've missed a week of you, Anne H! (Mr. Influenza paid us a visit.)

    So. Glad. To. See. You. Healing. Nicely.

    In more ways than one! :)

    Wow. Powerful week. Powerful year...

    Thanks for all your honesty. You are beautiful.

  12. Thanks, everyone -
    I am healing, indeed! I think the bonk on the head was a good thing!
    More has changed in this past week than in the past year altogether!
    And all for the best!

  13. Gee, Anne, you look like you've been in the wars. Pray you get better quickly.

  14. Those egg yolks look good enough to poke. Not that i would do that.

    Glad to hear the healing is progressong and that you might remove the hardware from your head soon. Pliers? Don't have one of those sinister looking fang like staple removers?

  15. OMGoodness Anne! I have a lot of catching up to do- Sorry to see you got hurt :(
    Glad that you are on the mend!!!
    What doesn't kill us makes us stronger eh?


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