27 April 2011

driving miss poochie

Dang nosey dog drivers!

Maybe he wanted THIS!

Stopped at a little store called
My Fit Foods today.

I have never had Salmon
that was not from a can.
So the first time I wanted to try it
already cooked - it was great!

All kinds of fresh items -
 They even have a LoCarb section!
And helpful staff.

Pear Salmon - with a little spinach

The meals are already cooked -
I warmed mine up at home.

Avocado with a side of salad.
Balsamic Vinegar and olive oil dressing
With a pinch of Mrs Dash 

I made this salad. But MFF also sells them.
They have just about anything you might want!

See? All this fancy blogging and reading
is making me think twice about what I eat!

Hope your day is A + +
With lots of good things !


  1. that sounds like a great store, and I loooove salmon, so good and also so good for you. If Odin was sitting in the car like that (and as soon as I get out he jumps in the drivers seat!), I could not leave the window down or he'd be OUT trying to sample everything that store sold!

  2. wait a minute...that dog is on the drivers lap at a red light!! Odin WOULD do that, if he makes the unwise decision to get into the front while the car is moving he freaks and tries to get in mama's lap---mama's lap is generous but not for that moose, Id crash! :-D

  3. Right!
    This pup was a good enough driver,
    But a total snob.
    And I thought he tried to flip me the Bird (Dog)

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wish I could eat salmon. Sniff.

  5. lol on driving Miss Poochie. Swimming blog, Anne. :D

    Salmon is yummy and very good for you. I tried yogurt made from coconut milk yesterday. Not bad.

  6. Now that's fast food we could all buy in to for sure.

    mmmmmm ... avocado!

  7. Such great looking food today, Anne. I would love some salmon but we are doing bacon and eggs for dinner. Tomorrow night will be shopping night and maybe I will see some to bring home then. Have a great evening. :)

  8. Mmm...salmon!


  9. I know - I am in Food Snob Ecstasy!

  10. Living on an island with just two grocery stores (owned by the same person and thus not in competition with each other with either prices or products), my food choices are LIMITED. Seeing that cabinet with all those pre-cooked meals in it is mind boggling to me. But your salmon looks delicious. So does the avocado/salad! Yummmmmmm!

  11. Those pics look delish!!! I wish we had one of those stores here.

  12. Here's a stupid question, what does salmon taste like? Fishy or mild? Just curious. I've never tried it, usually just eat the fish I catch...crappie, sunnies, northern, bass and walleye.
    Take care Anne. Sleep well. Blessings my friend.

  13. Looks like you had a great day :)

  14. SS - it was a great day -
    A hard day at the air port,
    But a great day, none the less!

  15. I love fresh salmon. I have it a few times a month. Super easy to cook at home, too.


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