25 April 2011

a little day

Reading Portia de Rossi's book
Unbearable Lightness
A Story of Loss and Gain

Lee sent it to me - thanks!
And I am to send it to someone else
And then maybe to someone else?  We could send books 
all around the blog community! Once we are finished 
reading them. 

This book hit me hard...
"By starving myself into society's beauty ideal, 
I had compromised my success, my independence, 
and my quality of life. Being overweight was really no different.
It was just the f--- you response to the same pressure."

Had a little time for reading this week.

Pink is this year's pink!
Have you heard?

Couple of years ago,
I thought I was looking good!
A patient hit me in the head tonight.....
of all the places......
I had to go outside and catch my breath.
I had to wipe away a little tear from my little black eyes.
It hurt so bad, I broke out into a sweat.

Suddenly I value my life.
Go figure!

Uncured Canadian Bacon with fried onions

Then served with a spinach/onion egg scramble

Can you tell what I am doing?
It's hard to see it in this video.
I am dropping a dumbbell and catching it in mid-air.

It's not so easy - try it and let me know!
Acceleration increases weight by many many many times!
Well, just the apparent weight, of course.
So I might just take it easy again for a day or so.....
I am alright, but I'm still not over the first bump in the head!

Hope you are happy and wonderful!


  1. I've been wanting to read that book. I'll have to check our store, see if we have it in stock. your poor bump in the noggin.

  2. "Suddenly I value my life."

    Sweet words

  3. Thanks - my own reaction caught me off guard.
    Things like that happen all the time. (getting hit)
    But I remember thinking - something like -
    "No - not my brain again! I might need it sometime!"

  4. ok
    thanks to YOU
    I shall revisit the book.

    I started it and just wasnt suckedsucked in.

    I shall try again :)


  5. I went to a brilliant second hand bookseller site in UK and ordered a cheap copy and soon as it arrives - I'm going to read it..will happily pass mine on to someone too..great idea Anne...can't wait!

  6. Perhaps you should wear a helmet? My goodness, girl. You've had your share of knocks lately, huh?

  7. I've heard great things about that book. Love the weighted move~that's a new one on me!

  8. I'm sorry, Anne, that a patient hit you. Wow, you are having the worse luck with injuries lately. The Canadian bacon looks good but the egg scramble looks even better. I could go for some of that right now. Yum!

  9. Looks like a book worth reading. Sorry about the knock on the head.

  10. Thanks again y'all....
    It hurt and still hurts now...
    But the thing that caught me off guard the most
    Was my own reaction at the time.....
    I flinched!
    And I have not done that for many many years.

  11. Portia De reference... Oh man, gonna cry now.. We lost her to your gang, but I think she can be....I shouldn't say "corrected" should I ? Only love, stay away from the crazies please..

  12. Actually I`ve seen Portia`s book reviewed by others and I hear it`s a very interesting read :) Sorry you got hit and it`s no wonder you flinched!
    Have a great day.

  13. You know, if it weren't already injured, you might have brushed it off, or not notice how often you get noggined. :( Sorry it hurt bad. Be careful.

    I'm wearing a pink top today, too. I had spent years not wearing bright, bright pink, and baby, I'm back! It's blinding! hahahhaha

    What brand Canadian bacon (Applegate Farms?). I love me ham and bacon...but I still mostly buy the cure done and need to segue...

    I can't remember who the interviewer was, but a few months ago I saw an interview with Portia and she definitely had a calm, centered, happy, smart vibe going. I liked her a lot from that interview. Amazing that someone that beautiful got hung up in the extremes. I guess the less beautiful among us (er, me) thinnk that if we're rich and pretty it solves a lot of issues, but it can cause them, too.

  14. Right - turns out you CAN be too thin
    and/or too rich!

  15. That my dear is called bookcrossing :)


    I keep meaning to pick this book up and forget...I need to make a note to myself!

  16. Hey! I wonder if they have books on CrossFit
    on Book Crossing!

  17. Oh, ouch! Why is it when something on our body is injured, it seems to draw further injury to it? Stub your toe and everybody steps on it! I hope your injuries heal quickly and soon! Take care, love.


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