01 May 2011

re dux

May June July August
4 months
18 weeks
All summer

I don't eat alot of junk
And I hardly ever cheat...
Or even splurge.
Yet I've been in this range for a year!
140- 145.
I briefly hit my goal of 138...
I bounce around all over the place.

I can tell if I gain 5 pounds.....
My pants still fit just fine,
(spandex, mind you!)
But I look - puffy...
Must be the head injuries -
and not getting to work out.
It's been over 3 weeks now.

Getting back to a routine will be nice...
And adding to it will be nicer!

A nice day for re-introducing induction!
This skinny fat mess has to go!

In the Army, they said I looked like an off-season
body builder.... not skinny.... not too heavy.
These were size 16 Dress Greens.
And I weighed 130 to 135.
And never was on profile!

So - here we go - again!
Well, ok! Time to get serious!
I think this won't ever stop.
It might get easier,
but / and the work is here to stay.
And that's ok.

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Your body must like being on the stouter side, maybe? I know that even when I was young (15), active, and not going to restaurants all the time, I was never less than 135 to 139. In my early twenties, that was more like 140 to 145. Of all my siblings, I never had the svelte period. Never.

    So, I imagine this time around, I am not even thinking svelte. Strong and NOT obese. If I could get to NOT overweight (ie, 154 lbs), hallelujah! But...well, just close to that would be lovely. Mostly, lots of muscle and lots of health, that's what I want.

    I think as you CROSSFIT it up and keep eating soundly, you will settle into what is good for you. It may be 140 or 138 or 135...but it will be something maintainable.

    It's all about strong, well, and maintainable, yes?

    ANd thanks for the pic. I love seeing you in uniform. What year was that, A?


  2. I am not an expert, so take this with reservations. Your metabolism is super low. Eating just under 1000 cals a day and not losing is brutal. Potential culprit that I see - too much protein. I am sure you do know that extra protein is converted into glucose in the liver - the famous gluconeogenesis. Protein lowers leptin, too, and leptin regulates the fat storage. Low leptin would indicate to the brain that fat reserves are low and the brain orders the body to hold on to fat and not release it. Just my thoughts.

    On the other hand, I agree with Princess. Strong and healthy is more important than lean. Keep the exercise going, keep eating well and let the body find its sweet point on its own.

    Good luck on the new leg of your journey! :)

  3. Princess - I was 28 years old when I went to Basic Training....
    So that was 1988 -

    Floriana - I also had egg white protein and
    a couple of other things that didn't make it onto
    that program.... Heavy whipping cream, etc.

    I usually don't go over 75 grams of protein a day,
    But when I am doing an Induction Jump Start,
    it goes to 125 -150.... which is nearly one gram per
    pound of lean body weight.

    I like LoCarb /Atkins because you can restart with
    Induction any time you feel the need.
    It is easy to over -do the protein.
    So I've restarted Induction again!
    The (in)famous last 10 -15 pounds!
    I've been pretty patient with my results
    gor the past year - I just need/want to step things up!

  4. And clearly I could stand to lose a little more.
    Not to be skinny - I never was skinny per se!

  5. I had a run-in with too many coconut smoothies yesterday.
    I'll be joining you for some induction reduction. :D

    Happy May 1st!

  6. I did the induction back in 2003, and I even had the urine strips. It is awesome how much weight you can lose. I didn't have the mental fortitude to take the long haul. I worked at a truck stop and lot's of carb eaters buying carbs...
    I am though watching them a bit, and not trying to over do them.
    I almost joined the Army, I should of. They make you cry at Basic. Did the AF reserves, long story. My kids at 10 could of done their basic. But how bout those shoes they issue you with your dress uniform? So glad that my area wore fatigues 24/7. I had the kind jump combat boots with special side zippers made in. Forever on the fat girl program, though.

  7. I can't remember that last time I was at this weight. Maybe elementary school. However, I still have the gut that I've always had. That is hat I'm finding frustrating now. Even though I'm at a normal weight, I still have th belly fat.

  8. Happy Induction Day!!!

  9. Happy Induction! I've been stalled for months myself so I can sympathize! But I'm taking meds that mess with my insulin (in a bad way) which gives me an excuse, at least I'm maintaining, right?

    I put a link to the balsamic glaze in my side bar for you.


  10. Thanks for that link. I'll check it out for sure!

    I once made a balsamic reduction:
    It was soooo good.

    And by the way, y'all...
    I am doing great on Day 1!
    Work outs and food are all 'spot-on!'

  11. I'm sure you will drop those pesky pounds real soon.

  12. You were such a cute military girl, Anne!

  13. Anne, your comment about how the Army said you looked like an off-season body builder reminded me too, when I was about 15, the gym teacher (female) told me I looked like an off season athlete too, but I think it was "wrestler". At 5ft tall I was about 130 also. Maybe we should think of ourselves as lil' powerhouses in training!? Time to get back IN season :-D
    thanks for your comments on my last blog--and yep we'll do it together, I like that!

  14. Thanks y'all - and yep!
    I either need to do my thing,
    or get off the pot. So to speak.
    I'm fine with my weight..... where I am...
    If this is what it is! But I know I can do better!

  15. LOL...when I was in the military, I was told that I looked like a draft pony. Very short and very strong. Svelte is not in my stars.

    And my weight? Even at my absolute smallest, size 6 dress blues, I weighed 134 pounds. Draft Pony for sure. I stayed on weight probation for my entire military career!!


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