08 December 2011

roast beef

Take a roast - this is a chuck roast
(who dat?)

Into the Cast Iron Dutch Oven it goes.
Add spice rub:
garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper...
Or anything you like!
You really can not mess this up.

Brown it.... add Celtic Sea Salt....
Water, onions, maybe some veggies...  
Water, maybe some red wine, or not -  
let it simmer.
Lowest heat - 12 hours or more...
It just falls apart when it is done!
Works great in a Grok Pot, too.

I don't like to accept gifts from patients...
But this time of year, it's kinda rude not to.
So when this lady died, the family - 
who love OU - gave me this hat!
Right from a display case on the wall.
So yay!
I have to admit, I do like it!

Anyone ever eaten a Longhorn?
Just kidding!


  1. Hmmm...do we actually eat Longhorns here in Texas, or are they just for "show and tell"?

    Mmmm...roast beef. Methinks I should toss one in the crock pot on Sunday for the family. Family includes several teenage boys, so I'll toss in an extra roast just in case.

  2. I have had Longhorn, and it is delicious, and one of the healthiest beefs you can buy...of course it is not cheap. I used to buy it from a local rancher at the farmers market. Naturally so low in fat yet so tasty...yummm...but then I am an Aggie. Ha!!!

  3. Yum! I could go for some of that right now! Love the new hat.

  4. Looking fly in your new hat!!!

  5. Love chuck roast but haven't cooked one in a while. Something to add to next week's shopping list.

  6. I feel the need to rip that orange monstrosity off your head and replace it with the finest maroon cap that you have ever laid your eyes on.

    Eat more BEVO!

  7. I'm working with a nutrition and exercise program. Since 11/28 I have been gluten/wheat, dairy, sugar, free. Meatless except I can eat 3oz of organic chicken/turkey, and fish. Especially tuna and salmon. I am allowed buffalo or venison if I can find a source for them. I am also allowed 1/2 cup of beans and lentils. All sorts of greens and olive oil. No caffeine, no soda...I'm all right with all of it, except I do miss cheese...I really like cheese. And, I miss pasta...I am Italian and well, I miss it. My joints, which have been determined are not involved with rheumatoid arthritis, but do have osteo, are feeling better. I'm not sure if it will make me lose weight, but I'm feeling better. Walking every day. On the Pyhsio-Red exercise bike and...when I feel more strong, they want me to do kettle bell work outs. Long term, if it takes me a year or more, I'd like to be 100 pounds less. I'm not sure that's possible. It would put me at 128 and the lowest I've ever been able to get my weight was 140...that was before menopause and a thyroid that quit working. And, why did I tell you all of this? Because I'm really in awe of all your hard work to get healthy...and you give me hope.

  8. I love the hat! Cut it out your making me drool ;)

  9. Yum on the pot roast! I can almost smell how delicious it is.

    And you look great in the hat!

    xo jj


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