22 December 2011

bone broth

Trying my hand at cooking bone broth
They sell this at Tom Thumb for about $4
Funny - I never noticed it before!
And Tom Thumb is one of the most "swankified" 
stores in Dallas - that is open late - that is!

Brown it up in the oven or a cast iron pan...
I use a cast iron dutch oven!
Grok- pot works, too!

A little water and some spices - 
Add vinegar to help extract more minerals 
from the bones... they say...

Boil the broth and a "scum" will form...
Kinda like foam. Scrape as much of that off -
As you can. It's just grit from when they cuts the bones.

Let it cook over night..24 hours is good - 
The longer the better! 
THIS recipe works for OxTail Stew as well!
But oxtail has more gelatin in it (cartilage)

If the fat bothers you, you can put the whole thing 
in the fridge and when it cools, remove the fat!
[Why anyone would do that - is beyond me!]
Surprised smile
I leave the marrow and fat and everything in there.
Saturated fat is not the "bad guy" we once thought it was.
In fact, we NEED it in our diets. Some everyday.
Saturated Fat is the preferred fuel the heart uses.
If we don't get it in our diets, our body will make its own.

Some people add onions and other veggies... 
I like the dried spices for this... You can filter it out
if you like.. this is a metal mesh coffee filter...
Works about as good as anything.
Make sure you wash the coffee out, first!
Winking smile
But we knew that, right?
Let you know how it comes out!


  1. bone broths are the best. marrow yum. wish I had some now.

  2. Enjoy your Broth and hope you get your iron levels up.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Blessings from Anne and John

  3. I love bone soup and yes I have to make it :)

  4. Also known as beef stock...homemade is a zillion times better than canned!

  5. Working at the culinary school and restaurants who make their own, it takes a lot to make such a small amount, and not meant to be negative :)

    There are cheaper alternatives. I buy mine when it goes on sale and stock up...oh a pun! I pay about 2 or 2.50, even cheaper for certain brands. But beware, they can have sugar! I buy only sugar free stock, one reason for making it myself at times.

    If you have freezer room, which I do not. :(

    I used to think it added more protein to the food, or at least chefs say that when we grind our bits in the workplace, but found out from my dietician it's a 'No', only a minuet amount, but you cannot argue it adds flavor! :)


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