11 December 2011


My Crazy Brain got a taste of reality a while back.
And quit playing around. Like that joke about the parrot.
You know, the one where they put a parrot in the freezer.
He was all squawking and cussing all the time.
So, to shut him up, they stuck the parrot in the freezer.
Just for a minute or so.
And when he came out, he was all nice.
Really well-behaved. 
And the parrot asked "Hey - Um... What did that Chicken do?"

So I started eating my 3 meals a day...
LoCarb has no hunger (for me)
So I could wait all day to get the signal
that it's time to eat.
Not a good plan!
I had gone way too low on calories when I did the numbers.
Without even trying!
Might be why I've been so tired lately.
Need more calories in general.

Still watching the Omega 3' like a boss.
Today was Mackerel with bacon.
What is not to like about that?!
Next time, I'll add some wilted spinach.
2 protein shakes.
Coffee with heavy whipping cream.
Ton of water.
A little walking on the TreadMill.
Still no burn-out.
Still love everything.
Still upping the calories in general!
And the carbs up a few days a week,
so I don't settle into a Very Low Carb (VLC) rut.

Hope you are well -
Stay warm!


  1. Show that body you mean business!

  2. Warm? Yep it is here. Bet it's not there though. I can't imagine not getting hunger signals!

  3. I don't get hungry really, but I am a devil on occasion (like today)
    Parrots in the freezer!!! Yikes!!!

  4. "Still love everything."
    It doesn't get better than that. Hang in there the results will come.
    xoxxo jj

  5. Mmmmm...bacon. The best part of a low-carb eaters food intake.

    Keep going - it's looking great!

  6. Love bacon. Bacon bacon bacon. Yummy. Mackerel I've never had.


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