26 December 2011

reset day

I keep feeling a draft.
It's COLD in here!
That is my front door.

Made this awesome roast and broth...
My fave with some hot sauce - mmmm!

Fried some eggs - it got nasty up in here!
The bacon grease I was saving turned rancid
And this is what happened.

Couldn't even save one of the little darlings..
My days of eating bad stuff and old grease -
Those days are gone!
Sorry you had to look at this. 
Just  YUK!

Dang it - another red line...
2.6 to 1 (Omega 6 to 3)

Interesting how just a few Almonds (14, actually)
can set off the imbalance!
Still I have no concern over this at all.
Off work now for a few days!
It will be good to have some down time!

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Yikes! I've never had my bacon grease go bad. I keep it in the fridge, even though some say you don't need to. How long did you have it? I'm just glad you caught it before you actually ATE some and got sick. :-O

  2. My grandmother always kept the bacon drippings very tasty. Sorry yours went off and took those eggs with it :( Enjoy your days off my friend. Put a rolled towel next to the bottom of the door!

  3. and 3 cheers for downtime.
    we both need us more of that in 2012~

  4. Goodness! We can see where that cold air is coming in. I used to put bacon grease in veggies for flavor but have not done that in decades. You make me hungry for eggs. A few nights ago I had four eggs and two pieces of toast for dinner. It was tasty. :)

  5. I will be having some eggs later today but I don't have any bacon grease. I will have to use oil. As soon as we do our grocery shopping though, I will pick up some bacon to have with my eggs every day. I have a freezer full of salmon though. I'm hoping I can follow in your low carb footsteps. I'm reading an excellent low carb book right now.

  6. brrr… that looks like a door that we are having replaced soon.

  7. Whoah, you can actally see the light from outside! Looks coooold!

  8. awwwwwwwwww those poor little eggs!! Just out of curiosity, do you have a particular favorite hot sauce? :)

  9. I like Cholula brand.... the chipotle is awesome!
    Here in Tejas - we can get just about any kind!


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