14 December 2011

today I ate this

My little meal plan is slowly evolving 
as I learn to bring the Omega 6's way down - 
from as much as 20 times this! 
About 6% total PUFA.. I'll take it!

You know what would be amazing?
If you - yes you - went to PaleoTrack. com (link)
And did a quick study on your food intake....
just to see what your Omega 6 numbers are.
It's free and takes just a moment.
And I bet it will surprise you!
If you do it, please let me know!
And NO - I don't work there. 
I just use the site - it's great!

Today I had
4 Christopher's eggs (660mg omega 3 per egg)
4 slices bacon 
(too high Omega 6... won't re-up on bacon for a while)
wilted spinach with onion
protein shake x 2 (not ideal, but hey)
some butter
coffee with heavy whipping cream

Tracking food is great - it shows where 
the areas are than need more work.
I was getting about 500 - 700 calories a day...
Some days 800 - 1200...
Not enough with all the CrossFit, etc I do.
Walking into walls... acting all goofy
(worse than usual)
And thought I was doing right!
Ate more food - and BAM!
Perked up like a proverbial daisy.
Who knew!


  1. I got some of the Christopher's eggs yesterday but haven't eaten any yet. Thanks for telling us about them. :)

  2. wow, that looks tasty! lol, better get off here now and GO.TO.BED. before I crack, go to walmart and hose a pound of bacon. lololol. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog anne. You have always been supportive, and I hope I have been supportive of you as well.

  3. Mmmmmmm, yummy breakfast!!! Thanks so much, Anne, for your always supportive comments on my blog!!

  4. Bacon and Eggs... I adore them. I don't do much bacon though. It is one of those foods for me that I can't stop once I get started. I CRAVE it.

  5. Definitely would not be enough food for me. Glad you were listening to the needs of your body and made appropriate increases.
    I don't eat a lot but more than 800 calories per day.

  6. Okay. WHY do I want my Omega-6 ratio lower? Nope, I haven't been paying close attention lately to your good information...too busy with sewer lines and environmental impact studies!

    My total planned intake for today, 3g omega-6, 1 g omega-3, 4 g Polyfat, 4 g monofat per Paleo-Track. Interesting, to say the least.


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