13 December 2011

little oliver

Cor- this Gruel is right gruellingly brilliant!
mmmmm! (Do the accent - it helps!)

"Please, Sir - I want some more!"

Bloody ell!
 A daft plan. A load of wof. Git outta 'ere...
More of Something... or more of Something Else!

"It's not Madness, Madame - 
It's meat!"
(My fave line)

Love watching old movies... 
especially endearing over the Holidays.
Helps to get me sorted out.
(Not out-of-sorts)

More herring and bacon - er, uh, I mean
Rashers and Crisps and Fish Cakes - no chips!
That is a good one...
No Afters.
Just a Cuppa or two.

Hi SpukySuzi
Did I get at least some of these phrases right?
I tried gave it a go!


  1. Mr Bumble was a BEADLE -
    And I thought they said BEATLE!

  2. I know... I don't feel right during the holidays until I watch It's a Wonderful Life.

    "Merry Christmas, Mr Potter!"

    "And Happy New Year to you... in jail!"

  3. Loved it. Dail and I watched Oliver Twist last night but I fell asleep before Nicholas Nickleby.

  4. Rashers yes, crisps no thank you. You are too cute!


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