30 December 2011

steak day

Happy Steak-adays to you and yours...
Cooked on a camping-type indoor grill...
Made of cast-iron...note the cute lines!

Kissed the grill

And many many more...
Grilled Avocados!

Grilled and fried cheese?
Yes; fried cheese!

Look at the total pufa's.
Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids
7 grams per 1300 calories.
7 x 9 (fat) = 63 calories of pufa
That's about 5% (65) of 1300 total calories.
Keep the total PUFA low and don't worry if 
you occasionally have a gram or two more N6.
Remember that LA (Linoleic Acid) is Essential, too!
Low total PUFA is much more important than 
any Omega 6 to 3 ratio! The half life of some PUFA's are 
so very long.... they are measured in years!

I was getting too much protein.
And too few calories in general.
That's not good! 
All diets should be Medical Grade:
They are not. More are disposable.
Like the lives... and health that they waste!
Low Carb/ low PUFA  is a carful diet...
Not to be taken on lightly!
It pays to be mindful... and careful...
Just more aware of the things we put in our mouths!


  1. My new job was a blast - and I get to go back again today!
    Thanks everyone who asked after me yesterday!

  2. Glad the new job is to your liking. The steak and grilled avocado look so yummy. I too like fried cheese. Will you be working through the weekend?

    My brother and I are having our mom moved from the assisted living place today to a rehab place where she will be a few weeks, trying to get her better so she can be in a different assisted living place that she wants to be in. Lots going on there.

  3. I'm glad the new job is working out, Anne. I hope you continue to enjoy it. That steak looks wonderful.

  4. Omg I needed to use my brain a bit on the PUFA and ratios stuff...now I can get my coffee...but damn I want to read more on this. I am going to read Mark Sisson's first primal book hope he has stuff on it, too.

  5. This post is making me hungry for steak!

    Three others thing that are great grilled... eggplant, zucchini, and acorn squash (although I'm not sure about carbs...the acorn squash might be a bit carb heavy). Anyway, the sliced eggplant and zucchini get marinated in olive oil and herbs first; and the squash gets a very light brushing of honey first. Delicious!

  6. Yum, I need to drag out George... as in Grill. I've never heard of grilled avocados before. Sounds divine with the steak.

    I'm glad you liked your new job!

  7. Grilled Avocado...you are setting the bar high! Great idea!

  8. ;) You like your steak just the way I do!!
    So glad your enjoying work

  9. If I ever get to Texas, you need to cook me a steak just like that! Sweet!


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