25 December 2011

stick to it

Still loving my Salmon...
On a beef broth kick this week

Found a stick at work
Did a little stick work
A little shoulder work

This is one of the CrossFit moves:
Put the stick like this
With the stick touching your head, back and butt.
That should help line up your posture!

Now, bend over,
Like this,
And make sure the stick stays touching
Your head, back and butt.
If you are so inclined - try it out!
And come back and tell me how you did.

1200 calories... 
9 carbs..
too low, me thinks...
Got the pufa right, my pufa brother
Try and don't have more that 4 - 10% total PUFA
regardless of the ratio of omega 6:3
This is less than 4%


  1. Hey, i didn't know you had a blog!

    Sharron [le strange]

  2. "And come back and tell me how you did."

    Cracking up over that sentence!
    If I tried those, they'd have to CARRY me back, LOL!

  3. I might try that later when I actually get up. I'm still trying to get really awake right now. Plus, my ass is lazy today after all the brown sugar ham yesterday. Today is my day. Do or die.


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