27 December 2011

carbs day

Bacon and eggs

Need some more hot sauce!

Sweet potato and grilled onion....
Slow-roasted in a cast-iron dutch-oven!
A 5 ounce portion of sweet potatoes
is low in fructose... higher in sugar than a regular potato.
Atkins loved sweet potatoes and starches....
And encouraged people to add them back -
 in 10 gram increments... (link)
when they got to Phase 3... Pre-Maintenance!

My blood sugar was 130 - after one hour.
Then 98 after 2 hours.... 
Then 120 after 4 hours, of all the things.
6 hours later it is 82...
For more on how blood sugar really works,
here is one of my fave links ever: (link)

Good PUFA today... keeping it between the lines.
And up the calories! Was I "Carborexic?"
Or just getting there.... bite by bite....


  1. That sweet potato looks good, Anne. I will be having those bacon and eggs tomorrow. I had Dail pick up some bacon on the way home. Bacon is about to become a whole food group at my house.

  2. Bacon and eggs look soooo good!!!

  3. Can I ask what your favourite hot sauce is??
    Those eggs and bacon look fab!!

  4. I love me some Cholula - chipotle right now... my fave!
    But they have so many down here - it's hard to pick just one!

  5. Mmmm...bacon and eggs! Had ours scrambled this morning for a change...and hot sauce of course.

    Great job on the calories!

  6. Love the blood sugar link! Thanks for sharing that. I've got it bookmarked.


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