06 December 2011

before and after

Here's me at about 11 carbs.
The little slice of green.
Round it up to be safe - to about 15 a day.
Typical Induction.
That is how it's been for me for the past week
since I quit the Truvia.  Which itself was a 
"blimp" on the radar screen.

And I'm a pretty steady LC'er...
Not alot of turbulence.
I do well over holidays and birthdays.
Oh sure, there's the occasional cinnamon roll (s).
That was like, August.
And some watermelon this July.
Even some Cool Whip.
Live and learn. But no more!
I don't usually repeat the same mistake twice.
Thank goodness I don't have Danger Food like that.
Surprises - yes! But that's cuz I don't research every little thing.
Till now! Now I chart everything.
I stay in the same basic range.
I don't count the muscle gain - that's just a bonus.

I have been on LC for well over 2.5 years.
And done well as far as weight-loss goes!
And keeping it off. Within a reasonable range.
Atkins himself said that it's not good to stay in Induction forever.
Or any phase, really.
A constant state of ketosis is probably not ideal.
[And it's proving to be no good for me.]
Maybe that's why Splenda can cause a stall for me.
Poor Liver is busy with all those ketones!

I usually stay in the 20 - 40 carbs a day zone.
That would be Atkins Phase 2 - if I did Atkins proper.
Then go back to Induction whenever I need to.
 A few times a year.

Most people have problems with LoCarb, because yes -
 It works, but then they can't stop.
The carbs sneak back in as a habit.
And they re-introduce them too rapidly.
In textbook Atkins you would go to phase 2 [or3]
with 5 - 10 grams increments. Increase carbs gradually.

With the help of those Paleo Track Charts, (link)
(FitDay, My Fitness Pal, etc) I found some weak areas 
in my Diet. So I went in and revised some things.
It's kinda a new approach. For me, at least.
Like adding the Omega 3.
And cutting way back on the Omega 6.
Fine tuning the proteins and fats.
Now, it's time to tweak the carbs.

My trainers think I need more calories.
Especially with CrossFit.
So I've added "acceptable" level of carbs....
That I have now gone up to twice a week.
And what better time than on my CrossFit days!

Especially now that my CrossFit is not just an hour of
balancing on one foot... we actually work and sweat!

Measuring for sure!

So I've been liking the starches. Sweet potatoes, squash...
 I mixed a little (15 grams) of starch (yes, starch)
 in with some beef stew. About half-cup of potato. 
And took my blood sugar... 108... Waited an hour... 88.
I forgot to take it before I ate.
I'm not (officially) diabetic, so that's not a problem.
Least it's not in the 50's or 60's like it once was!
This is a common, regular potato

To be sure, there are about 8 grams of sugar based carbs
in some of the salad dressings I once loved.
Some even contain HighFructose Corn Syrup.
Those LC Monsters - 6 carbs of Maltodextrin - aka - sugar.
Coconut and almond milk - sugar based carb - 7 or 8 per glass!
Small amounts, but still they DO add up!
And green beans or broccoli or Brussels Sprouts
all have carbs - not super starchy ones!
So 10 - 15 grams - of starch is not a far-fetched idea.
Or is it?

People who eat gluten-free almond flour products 
Have the same type thing... That's A STARCH.
And so-called Slow Starches -  many people do very well with those.
A starch. A veggie starch.

Here's the soup I made.
Still working on the tweaking.
But I think I've got a pretty good plan!

So yay for me going on the next phase!
This will add to my over-all calories...
Which my trainers say to do.
Well see!


  1. I think its great that you trust your trainers and yourself to add more calories...as I'm trying to lose weight, I'd have trouble doing it without thinking that I'd gain even if its muscle instead of fat. Kudos to you!

  2. Yes - it feels a bit like I'm jumping off a bridge right now!
    I know it's time to make a change...
    And I, too, am still trying to lose weight.
    The same last 20 pounds as before.
    My way didn't work. So I'll try their way!

  3. I'm a big believer in folks evolving their plans, individualizing, seeing how it "fits" their body. We ain't all the same!

    And I love having potato, sweet potato, rice (in sushi, especially) now and then. Not a whole lot...but my glucose monitor lets me know what I can handle. :D

    later, babes..

  4. I love that you work on finding the right stuff for you & yes it changes. With me, yes. I actually ate too few calories when I was a youngster & had to learn to eat more. Before perimenopause & all that crap, I could eat at least 2200 calories a day with my crazy workouts but when I hit the 50's, all hell broke loose. Yes, I eat more than others my age but I also work out hard & eat pretty well! :-)

    When I was bodybuilding & went low low carb for the contests, I could not even drive! ;-)

    Saying that, I know your plan is different tan contest prep but we all do what we can to live with it long term & for me I have found what works for me & is livable as you have.

    You done good!

  5. One of my favourite things about you is your ability to change and adapt...definitely a gift!

  6. Always learn something when I stop by to see how you are doing. You have been at this for a while now. Looks like you are doing great. Love the fact that you have some experts looking after you, too. Stay well and keep us smiling!


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