18 December 2011

today I ate this

Let's call it 1400 calories today.
On today's menu was:
Piping-Hot Fresh-Brewed coffee with half and half...
(at 4 am)
4 Wholesome and Nutritious "Omega" Raw Eggs in  Egg Nog
Topped with a generous amount of True (Ceylon) Cinnamon...
Lunch - in a soup Thermos was
Ground Sirloin (6 ounces) browned to perfection
And seasoned with happy chopped red and yellow peppers.
Accompanied by a splash of flavorful poblano pepper
And spicy yellow onion. Topped with a dollop of sour cream...
And for dinner (still at work)
Delicious whey protein mix with 
half-isolated whey, and half-concentrated whey...
And a zesty cube of cheddar cheese for a snack.
And 2 liters of Incomprehensibly ice-cold
Life -giving bottled water.

And my cod liver oil - 4 grams...
Wow - it was good to have a good day!
My eye was not dim. And my vigor was not abated.

And by the way - here's the same stats 
but this time without the cod liver oil...
Just to show that I am not taking it to get the ratios in line!
That would be cheating! You can't take enough Cod Liver
or Fish Oil to compensate for too much Omega 6.
Even without the Omega fortified eggs, (and without the cod liver oil)
the Omega 6 to 3 ratio - is still 3:1...
With the others - it's good! YAY!

Hope your day was awesome as well!


  1. VERY descriptive!

  2. The food plan sounds good today. I'm attempting to make good choices today. It is Monday and this seems a good time to get back on track. Wish me luck.

  3. Now that sounds like some clean eatin' right thar.


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