04 December 2011

gray salmon

How to eat a Salmon Fillet.
The skin - not good for eating.
But you can. Won't hurt a thing.
The skin is great for grilling!
Gives the fish a layer so it won't burn.
Omega 3's are very sensitive to heat.

Why does Salamon turn gray? (link)
Some say it's fat... from flabby lazy fish.
And that it's sign of Farm Raised fish...
Because they don't get out much...  (link)
to frolic in the ocean deep with the other PUFA's!
Most Farm-Raised Salmon have dye added 
because they are all this drab grey colour.

A nice Salmon filet - 
And yep- that's a sweet potato!

Been hanging out at home
Really loving the rain... and cooking, planning.
And the learning time.
I LOVE to study and share.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Love that red flannel! I got Angie a scarf for Christmas that very print... but shhh it's a secret! I never even have seen fish come with skin, but it makes sense... I wonder if it's the largest organ in their body, too!

  2. Pink salmon and happy pink cheeks. :)

  3. Love reading your blog, Anne. Keep the info coming. I'm learning a lot. I just need to put it into practice.

  4. So cute! I think I will have salmon today...it will be in a restaurant, so who knows where it will be from.

  5. DANG - cutie pie! I'll have the "feesh" if it's on the menu!! Nice shirt.

  6. Oh, the skin is GREAT for eating!
    Soooo delicious if cooked properly :-)
    Fatty, yes. But delicious!

  7. We LOVE fat!!! So bring it on!!!!
    Fatty - AND delish!

  8. I wish I liked fish but I don't. Hubby loves salmon so info is good to keep for him! :-) THX!

  9. I love the skin when it's nice and crispy!
    You know you have the sweetest smile :)

  10. No, SpunkySuzi - YOU do!
    :D thanks!


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