04 December 2011

a good egg

How wonderful - a barn full of chickens!

Clucking and laying eggs.

 That's the image we have of what chickens do.
We all know the eggs farms are not quite that wholesome.
That's all changing now. And that's another story for another day.

If ya have to get eggs from the store,
These are good.  Christopher Eggs. (link)
"All Natural Eggs."
Maybe a step up from Egglands Best.
EB has 130 mg of Omega 3 per egg.
But Christopher Eggs are not higher in price! Just nutrition.

These are Christopher Eggs. From Krogers.
660 mg Omega 3 per egg. This is for 100 grams...
Two large eggs.

Compare that to regular eggs...
Almost no Omega 3 and nearly 20:1 Omega 6 to 3.

We are understanding that not all fats are "bad," right?
The Essential Fatty Acids - remember?
This seems to be a very healthy egg!

Poached, raw, sunny side up -

Just don't forget the side of bacon!


  1. Teh kitteh iz adorable. She yours?

  2. I did NOT know that regular store eggs were so pathetic at the omega 3 thing!! Wow... I'll never complain again about the higher cost we pay for our local healthy chicky eggs!

  3. Ok, wait...I want to know what they feed the chickens to have the eggs contain less Omega-6's...very curious! Or do certain breeds of chicken naturally produce less Omega-6's into their eggs?


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