26 December 2011

apple day

I was thinking about my Mother (rest her little soul)
on Christmas, and thinking about apples -
of all things.... She loved apples with cheese!

And up walks a guy -  out the the blue...
Ringing a bell - like the ice cream vendors sometimes do.
But this guy was selling apples - Of all things!

Not this kind of apples - 
In love

THIS kind of apple.
So I figured I had better have one. 
There was glaze on it - made of cinnamon/vanilla
Red food coloring - all that... which broke off
with just a "tap." So I didn't eat too much of it!
Winking smile

But the apple - with cheese - was awesome!
Now I better go get kissed.

I am not diabetic - so apples are not evil!
Still - no concentrated sweets for me.
I had no hunger at all - and when I got home 7 hours later
my blood sugar was in the 70's...

Still getting there!
And look. My first red bar.
I guess it goes red when the ratio
of O6 to O3 is more than 2:1
Me - I'm not worried at all....
3:1 is still ok.. and look at all the times
I was way under! 
Metabolism is not always measured in minutes and hours.
But in days and weeks. 
In fatty acids, it is measured in months and years!

Happy Boxing day to everyone!


  1. I can't say that I have ever had apples and cheese together. I won't be trying it today. I'm back on plan and will be fasting for a while today until the cravings abate. Time to decarb again. Wish me well.

  2. Apples and cheddar cheese if you please. Yum.

  3. Apples or pears or many other kinds of fresh fruit, and cheese are a delicious combination. My hub & I used to eat that for dessert frequently (before we stopped eating much fruit when we went low carb).

  4. My stepDad (who raised us kids) was from New England, and from him we learned to love apples and cheddar cheese. Well, okay, it actually started as apple PIE and cheese. But these days it's a good ol' real honest to goodness apple n cheese. Yummo! Thanks for bringing back sweet memories ... no pun intended.

  5. My Daddy eats apples & cheese, good ole longhorn cheese to be exact.

  6. Happy Boxing Day to you too...love how the apple appeared right when you wanted it. Did you get the kiss though?


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