04 December 2011

hi, fat!

Eggs, bacon, cheese..
Heavy whipping cream in my coffee....
A glob of butter....
Dash of coconut oil...
A shot of whey protein...
Today was a light day...
Only 73 grams of fat!

I posted the other day that I went back to 
re re re induction. Now I only do VLC
[very low carb] for 3 days or so.
That seems to take the place of a longer
re -induction for me. 
And as usual, I feel a change in my body.
So it's working!

I am bragging here about the way I 
Whipped those Omega 6 into shape!
As part of my 100 days of fish/fish oil.

It's not just about raising the Omega 3.
It's also about lowering the Omega 6.
And keeping all the PUFA's 
between 4 and 10%!!!

It's not a restriction... as in sacrifice!
It's just applying everything I've learned 
over the past 2 years - now to what I DO!

Hope your day is wonderful!

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  1. You know this is not my thing but more power to you Anne!!!! I am actually not a fan of a lot of the foods on a higher fat/protein plan & many of them don't like my bod! ;-) BUT, if it works for you, I say more power to ya! :-)


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