09 December 2011

merry fish-mas

It's beginning to look alot like Fish-mas,
Every where you go..
There are scales in every room.
And fishy kind of perfume -
And lots of fish jokes from every one you know....

It's beginning to look alot like Fish-mas
Underneath the tree!
But the happiest sight you see
Is the PUFAs that will be
In your Omega 3's!

Hmmm... still needs a little work.
Just sending some Fish Luv your way!


  1. Ha ha I was sitting here mentally putting the words to music. Fun. :)

  2. oh fishmas tree, oh fishmas tree,
    they fins are bright and scaley

  3. Oh Tannin Bomb Oh Tannin Bomb,
    How yummy are your glasses.
    I can't think of a good next line
    That doesn't rhyme with "Asses!"


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