08 December 2011

day 2 and dead lifts

Beef Broth
Brisket (3 ounces)
Coffee w Heavy Whipping Cream (2 cups)
[no splenda!]
Omega Eggs (2 raw)
Protein Mix ( 2 servings)
Cod Liver Oil (4 grams)
And look at those Omega Ratios.
Total PUFA's in the 4% range.

And I love Paleo Tracks! (link)
I can't claim to be Pure Paleo
because I love me some coffee cream.
And butter. Other than that 99% on target!
Probably more so than many who claim to be Paleo!

I ate 3 meals today.
And had broth instead of coffee.
Every day at 4 pm, I have coffee.
Well, not today. I had Broth.
Turns out - I worked late.
so I could have used the coffee!
Just drank a ton of water instead.

Got to work on my "Dead Lifts" tonight at work.
Gurney wouldn't make it around the corner.
Or the Coroner.
So - umph - We carried the lady to it!

Hope your day is wonderful!
Thanks for reading and all your encouragement!


  1. Congrats on your changes and your great day. Keep up the good work. Your blog is really changing too. Lots of good info.

  2. Dead Lift - Ha!! THAT was funny.

  3. In the old days when there were coffee vending machines, they used to vend chicken broth as well. Those days no longer.


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