07 December 2011


My goal is not to be way down in weight.
My first goal is to be healthier so I'm not miserable 
and don't hate my life!
A person could still hate their life, but being heavy
doesn't help me much! Funny - I have friends who
are heavier, and I never judge them for it.
Just me being healthier is a plus.

So far, I've managed to pull a few rabbits out of a hat.
Quitting drinking altogether
Cut back on coffee
Drink alot of water
Adding the Omega 3's 
Cutting way down on the Omega 6
Low Fructose
Soy- free
*with a bit of splenda*
Minimal dairy
Mostly-grass fed beef
Mostly eat clean - minimal "processed" foods
Most meals are home-cooked
Take my lunch - good preparation
Track food like a fiend
Hard workout twice a week
Walk every day
Lots of good sleep
Lots of posture work

Some I do .... all I claim...
because I work at them all every day.

So why haven't I lost the last 15 - 20 pounds?
I'm working on that now!
It's a little frustrating.
I am 5'2" and don't want to get "way down" in weight.
I am also 51 and don't need to - or want to weigh 100 pounds.
Save that for the Super Models.
135 +/- seems about right.

My trainer thinks I might need more food.
And more starch. Maybe less fat.
Sounds good to me.
But just not every day.
Perhaps just on CrossFit days.

Like I've stated before.
MY way didn't exactly work.
It my good result didn't just happen on it's own
- as if it would - by accident.
I guess know it must be constructed by design.
Time to tweak the numbers, eh?

I put this into place after gaining just one pound
a month for the past 6 months.
And that is just no good.
Don't want it to get to five!


  1. I'm here with you, Anne. I'm cheering you on and I understand your goals. You are doing what you can and it is very restrictive. I don't think I could manage all that restriction at once. You have my support though and if it works for you and you are happy with the plan, then JUST DO IT. Hugs.

  2. The trainer from my challenge just emailed me and told me to eat a yam or some brown rice after my Tues-Weds. stretch. In that timeframe I work out HARD 3x - Tuesday AM, Tuesday PM and Wednesday AM again. He said I need the bit of carbs for both weight loss and glycogen replacement. Maybe you do too. Also, ITA about the fats. I know most people who eat low carb could give a crap about fat but I think if you're trying to lose weight, there are just some things that have to be done. Lower fat would help.

  3. You amaze me with all the science behind your eating. I've gradually changed my way of eating and I have a lot less processed foods now. I'm 12 years older than you too so I'm probably slower to make changes. Old dog, new tricks. Ha ha

  4. I think you've done great and you look great!! Just look at your before and afters! So what you were doing did work!

  5. I really admire your flexibility... your willingness to be open (not so open your brains fall out!) to trying new things from those you trust. And your determination and focus... I just know you'll get there.

  6. Genius as always!

  7. It's a puzzle these bodies of ours, and knowing you, you will figure out with some tweaks :)

  8. Always learning is one of my main motto's Anne. I have changed things a long the way just by paying attention to my bod & what is happening & what it is telling me. I also an a fiend about weighing (that is me & I know others do not like that) & using a pair of jeans also. But as we age & the hormones attack, we have to be even more diligent because the bod will fight us at every step.

    I applaud all you have done - amazing.. but yes, weight creeps up on us when we let our guard down & especially at our age. I know you will get that off & be where you want to be. It is obvious by your knowledge & tracking!

  9. Hey Rocky! Wanna see me pull a rabbit out of hat?

  10. I'm so impressed Anne-- You have such a clear vision and strong focus. I really admire you.
    I'm cheering you on.
    xo jj

  11. Helen! YAY!
    I totally agree. I am cutting way back on fats
    Especially on the days I am eating the starchy-ness!

    Thanks everyone - for your kindest words!
    I feel silly admitting this. But I could really use the cheers!

  12. You are both too smart and committed to fail. And you've shown a strong ability to learn and adapt...it'll happen...no doubt.


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