06 December 2011

day 1 ... in the bag

Here it is.... a good day one!
Protein Mix (2)
2 eggs (raw)
100 grams beef (about 3 ounces)
70 grams potato (15 grams carb)
Heavy Whipping Cream with coffee (2)
100 grams brisket
beef broth (2 cups)

I weigh everything in grams when I get serious.
When it's grams, I'm all business! lol

Dang - it doesn't look like it, but I tried did try to up the carbs.
Still better. And I am eating 3 meals a day.
So far - no difference in energy levels.

I wasn't trying to keep my numbers low.
I just wasn't very hungry since I had strep throat 
a few months ago. And pretty tired.
It was a dang hard strain, I guess!

And My Ratio of Omega 6:3 in actually UNDER this time.
And right at 4% total calories... which are a little low.
Maybe those trainers are right!
More food.

Cross Fit was awesome - and it's COLD outside
here in Dallas Texas.
The CF cycles are like 12 weeks long.
And we just re-started over.
I wanted to stay in the Beginners class.
I missed so much with my double concussion early on.
These past 6 months have been full of changes!
Getting stronger though!


  1. Atkineer From Way BackDecember 6, 2011 at 10:16 PM

    AWESOME - and congrats on going on to Phase 3...pre maintenence.
    15 grams of a starchy veggie is exactly what the good doctor ordered so long ago. After what - two and a half years - it's a great time! Perfect!

  2. you ARE getting stronger
    in more more ways than one.


  3. Hang in there, Anne. I seriously admire your crossfit efforts. You are an inspiration.


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