19 December 2011


If good things happen cuz I send out good thoughts,
Then I must be "Thought Leper" or something.
Got to work today - 2 hour + drive.
I guess I mis-understood.
I wasn't even supposed to be there.
Went into A-Fib on the spot.
Very tiring.
Took a good long nap when I got home.

Makes me think I need more Cardio!
And not Cardio like YOU prolly do Cardio.
But for me - to really train my heart.
Hence the name, eh?
WHAT a concept!
The stupid floppy thing has no endurance.
I guess it's been broken one too many times.

Made up a list of things I probably need to work on.
I've looked at everything...
Even my Vitamines are lacking.
No Iron. WTH? 

I hit ago 50 with bells on.
But 51 is just taking me down a notch.
To be sure - this has been a hard year.
A couple of concussions.
A rotor cuff injury.
Lots of changes.
Lots of learning - that's for sure!


  1. LOL...awesome Trading Places pic...Looking good Billy Rae... Feeling good Lewis!

    You can't work as hard as you do without results...you've gotten them before...you likely are getting them with your high focus on macro and micro nutrient eating...and you'll get what you are after...I'm certain.

  2. Your as young as you feel! Sounds like you know your body. Take care of yourself.

  3. Chin up, toots! Catch another nap, fur'shur. Just need some fetal position sleep. You left a trail of fairy dust behind you on the whole 5 hr drive. You just never know what it's all for. fondly, katrina

  4. Yay to long naps!

    Hope you feel more chipper!!!

  5. Honestly Anne, 51 has been a rough year for me too but things seem to be on the upswing now. I don't have any advice because all I did was hang in there long enough for the aggravating things to fade away.


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