22 December 2011

a crying shame

Hamburger 80/20 with 4 strips of bacon
6 shrimp and some green beans
All fried in the bacon grease!
In my cast iron dutch oven.

My beloved Paleo Track lists green beans as a legume.
So I wrote to them. And asked them about it. They of course
told me that they are actually a legume... but I can 
certainly change it to "just a veggie."

I ate this 5 hours prior to CrossFit....
Still not enough time ... not enough calories!
All that eating, and not 1000 calories.
Never in a million years did I think I would be saying that!
But my little vitamin trick is also working quite nicely.
Upping the levels of iron, especially.

The half life of TrasFats is like 51 days.
The half life for PUFA's is harder to track.
I guess because they oxidize. 
Some say the half life of Omega 6 is close to 2 years. (link)
Others say 400 days. Either way, it takes time to
get all that overload out of your system!
When we eat something, we had better be in love with it,
because it is going to be with us for a very long time.

Just a light and easy day at CrossFit tonight...
500 meter row for the warm up.
Planks, Bridges, the usual core work...
THEN a sequence of skipping rope, dead lifts (45 pounds)
ring rows (can't do chin ups yet) lunges, and push ups...
Did that about 3 times total...
Then to finish, a 400 meter run. 
I ran slow, but I never walk it anymore.

I even had enough energy - after class -  to do 4 loads of laundry.
I wear more sweat pants.. so it seems like there's 
always more laundry to do in the winter!

What do you call this?
A shrimp fell into a basin of soapy dishwater...
I would call it "a crying shame!'
Winking smile


  1. Wow, the half life of food IS a long time... I never even thought about it.

  2. LOL me too since Shrimp are second on my fav list, beef first, bacon second. I just met you but I have to start a high protein diet in order to qualify for a surgery I feel will help jump start me. Of course you know how it goes, if I lose weight then the insurance may say no.

    How can one not lose the love of food in this life change? I'm a chef and so sad...but that plate of food just cheered me up LOL

  3. It only would have been a shame if you LEFT the poor shripmy there to drown! :)

  4. 2 second rule rinse & repeat! Poor shrimpy

    - shezug

  5. So much new information you are sharing. I feel like I need to be taking notes. :)

  6. Poor shrimpy! Your meal looks divine!!! Are you taking an iron supplement? I noticed mine is low too and my multis are iron free.

  7. WOW!! Your lunch looks awesome. I would so eat that too. :)


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