28 December 2011


I made the best chili ever last night.
I took one pound of ground beef...
One pound of ground pork...
You can use anything, really - 
It would be very difficult to mess this up!
Added an onion...
Large can of diced tomatos...
And a small can of tomato paste.
Cooked it on low for a few hours.
No added oils.... they are already in the meats!
I forgot to mention the spices....
Of course I added them!
Garlic, onion powder, cayenne pepper,
chili spices, and Celtic Sea Salt.

Used my trusty Cast-Iron Dutch-Oven.
The one kitchen item I didn't think I would ever use.
And yet - the only one I cook with now!

Lots of good stuff here in this mix.
LOW PUFA - that's good!
You really don't want to over-do the PUFA's.
Good amount of Saturated Fat - that's good, too!
And MUFA's are stellar, as well.

Most people think fats are "bad."
But we are learning to think about things.
Not just to swallow (pun intended) bad information
And blow smoke up our own kilts - 
And pretend that it's raining! (ok!)

Fats are essential to being healthy and alive.
The only "true" EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) are found
in the PUFA family - Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids.
The Omega 3 and 6's...
EPA and DHA (we know this) from the N3.
 LA and AA (20:4 n6) from the Omega 6's.
(For starters)

If you cut your fat intake too low,
your diet .... and your health will fail!
We need the Essential Fatty Acids.
Same with the Saturated fats.
If you get some of them in your diet,
your body won't have to spend energy converting it.
The heart and skeletal muscles use Saturated Fats.
So if you are tired alot, it might not be from
lack of carbs. There are NO minimum daily 
doses of carbs. Carbs are not essential in that way.

It pays to learn all we can!
We spend more time planning a vacation
then we spend planning a menu.
When we should be planning like our lives depend on it!
Cuz guess what - they do!


  1. Great post, Anne! I'm learning more all the time. Keep the good info coming. I'm off to make some bacon and eggs now.

  2. Cilantro, buy some cilantro...Chop it up, mix it in... Cilantro !!!

  3. Anne, Dearest! You left the CHILI POWDER out of your chili! What fun is chili if it doesn't clear the sinuses as you chew?

  4. Angela Pea - I forgot to mention those - thanks!
    But of course, I did add them!
    This was my first batch ever!

  5. I don't wanna be a stickler, but I'm pretty sure it's not chili if there's no liquid. That's a Sloppy Joe!

  6. It looks to me like there is plenty of liquid, just not added oils. It looks like a nice pot of chili you made there, Anne.

  7. "We spend more time planning a vacation
    then we spend planning a menu..."

    Ooooh, good one. When I read that, I realized I've been lazy lately, just grabbing quick stuff, not working on getting it better balanced, nutritional-wise. Thanks for that reminder!

  8. Hey Jack -
    Maybe a Sloppy Joe In A Bowl!
    No Bread!

  9. Sounds just like my nacho mix! I only use ground beef though.

  10. Ooooh...you got a comment from Jack Sh*t! You're Famous!

    A Get-together sounds grand! I should have a meeting/site visit on the east side coming up soon, and I'll certainly be able to swing a long lunch that day to come say hi! I'll keep you posted...

  11. Nice chili!!! I am thinking of getting a cast iron pan...my non-stick one is probably killing me!

  12. Anne, I was wondering if I could request a blog post from you where you share your thoughts on the Food Inc documentary? I just saw it and was horrified (although, should I be surprised??).

  13. Plus one on PUFAs!

    Your Katelyn <3

  14. This looks very good. :)


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