02 December 2011

christmas on the L7

Garland, Texas... Christmas on the Square.
You "Young Ones" don't remember this....
"L" + "7" ....aka "L7" was like "SQUARE"
and that was about the worst thing you could be!
The exact opposite of cool.
But of course, it doesn't apply to downtowns.

They did the yearly Christmas Tree lighting
right after CrossFit 

So I stayed for some "people watching!"

The gym is right downtown

Fun Pics - at any rate..

I need to get out more.

Santa was there - chowing down in the Deli.
He could sure use him some LoCarb wraps....
Just saying!


  1. Yo - I saw you there! But maybe you didn't see me -
    Third reindeer on the right. Looking good!
    See on on the 24th! IF you've been good, that is. lol
    PS - You have no idea how hard it is to type with HOOFS!

  2. SS - It was really a nice evening.
    It even gave a little rain! No snow, though.

    Sorry I missed you, little Vixen!
    Big crowd, eh?
    See you and Santa later - like a boss!

  3. gravitar is s-l-o-w.... give it some time...
    they prolly run meta - programs and web-crawlers!

  4. Lovely. I need to go visit my hometown for the holidays too. They always do it up right.

  5. Love the pictures Anne and love the "woe is me" pic too. Still learning and will continue to do so, so that means a bit up and bit down and still becoming a hot mama with a butt to match. :)
    Have a great day and blessed weekend.

  6. One more time...we're gonna celebrate!

  7. I wish I was in Texas.

    *stomps feet like a brat*

    Time for another road trip??


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