17 December 2011

death cab for cuties

Got up this morning-
[Ba duuh da dun ♪ ♬♫]
Went to the truck -
[Ba duuh da dun ♪ ♬♫]

It wouldn't  start -
[Ba duuh da dun ♪ ♬♫]
And I said "dang it!"
[Among other things!]

So I took a cab.
Knowing full well that I 
would barely break even
to go in to work today.
My case was about an hour's drive away.

Turned out to be a good day anyway!
My boss offered to help pay for the cab.
My neighbor went to the store
and bought a new battery -
and installed it!
He left the receipt on the door.
It was waiting for me when I got home!
What a helpful guy!
Another neighbor brought me some eggs and cream.

Life is good!
From a really bad day - to a great one!

Plus, I found a pocket full of cash in a jacket 
I had stashed away.
Did a little walking whilst I waited for the cab guy.
And got all my calories in.
1300 today.
Still good ratios.
Ground beef, eggs, cheese, butter, onions,
 and 2 whey protein shakes.
Still feeling better every day.

My mood was so crappy this morning,
my neighbor thought I should be visited by
some Christmas Ghosts tonight.
Maybe to help me learn a lesson.
I told him - that maybe I just WAS visited!
And my lesson - in humility - was learned....

Hope your night is great!


  1. You have some awesome neighbors, Anne-- But then I'm guessing you're a darn good neighbor yourself :-)

    Glad the day ended up on a high note and everything worked out.

    xoxo jj

  2. Good Day, Sunshine !

    Greetings from Barbara (Berlin)

  3. God Bless Us, Everyone!

  4. So glad your day ended on a good note!

  5. What a great ending to what started off as a bad day. You are blessed to have so many good neighbors and friends. :)

  6. When you put out good energy, good things happen :)
    Bad turns into good

  7. What a wonderful turn of events!!!

  8. I LOVE this & little acts of kindness - good for the person doing them & for the person receiving them!!!!

  9. Caring neighbors and a nice boss sound like you are receiving many blessings.
    You deserve to be treated well. You do travel far to help your patients. A hospice nurse visits my mom every day. I think about you and all you do to help the patient and the families.

  10. Awww, you have me all misty. What darlins you have for neighbors.

  11. Wow...that sounds like quite the day...you send positive out, you get positive back...sounds like you are doing things right!

  12. Very lovely description of your day! I bet you are a wonderful nurse. Glad to know you are eating more these days and feeling better. :) I, too, found that eating paleo/low carb can be (sometimes, not always) tricky in terms of getting enough calories, a VERY weird challenge to have after living with chronic hunger for so many years (when I had metabolic syndrome). I found a happy zone when I added in more berries and chocolate. Life is sure unpredictable! hugs, hopefulandfree


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