16 December 2011

metabolically deranged?

Oh hahahaha!
I've got PLENTY of time before I need to eat right!
Enjoy life - live a little, eh?
I'm young yet!
Where can we go out to eat at tonight?

Mom! Why are you laughing!
I am NOT THAT fat!
Just maybe a little fat.
I can "quit" eating junk anytime...
Mom.... Hey - quit laughing already!

I am NOT metabolically deranged!
Maybe I could lose a few pounds.... but still...
And no - I'm not in "Denial!" Geez.
I just have "Big Bones" - that's all.

OMG ... I think ... it... can't... be...
Metabolically challenged....

Losing weight is hard! It creeps up on ya.
THEY made me do it! 
Damn you - Corporate America!
It's just the camera angle.
The scale is off-kilter. 
The shirt shrunk in the dryer.
Yeah - that's it!

Oh crap - it's true!
I am a Fattie!

Time to do something about it...
Before it gets worse and takes on 
a life of it's own! I can do it!

Couple of months of this LoCarb stuff
and I'll be as good as new.

CRAP - this stuff is hard!
Metabolically inflexible... insensitive... impaired....
Not sure what to call it.
Just back to fixing it now!
Now. And Now. And Now Again.

When does it start to get easier?
Less tedious? Less counting?

When can I go back to being (somewhat) lazy and eating junk?
Never? What kind of crap is that?

Keep on - that's all I can say!
Listen - learn - and adjust  
Every day!
And keep on!


  1. Love it! I used to play the game called "Sure, I'm fat. But I'm not as fat as that b!tch over there is! ...Or AM I?!" Glad those days are over. Back to the old grind!

  2. Thanks, Phatty
    I still weigh and measure my food
    and now am getting better at planning
    my off day work outs...
    it's never the planning that gets me...
    it's obviously the execution!
    And I am getting better at that too!

  3. Love your photos Anne. So funny!

  4. Thanks, Anne. This helps me greatly today. I've been so discouraged and frustrated but I won't give up.

  5. Taht's how it is...one day at a time...consistently doing the right things...listening...learning...moving...wise choices. We'll get healthier, even if we can't be "skinny minnies".

    Fact is, I feel so good, I could stay right here, overweight as I am. I feel GREAT.

    But I want to feel gREATER.

    On we go....doing it with a mind on a lifetime of progress, not crash diets or "gotta get fit in one month" madness. One day, one month, one year, 10 years....bit by bit...being good to ourselves.

    We deserve this goodness, yes?

    Well, you sure do. Onward, babe.

  6. Listen, learn, and adjust. Bing, bang, boom!

  7. Choices, choices, choices...I made a ton of bad ones even though I know there is an addiction behavior in me. We all have our demons...and it is the choices we make to fight them...and for some of us, especially me, my "lifestyle" is the daily fight to make the good choices. Such is our lot in life, Anne. You've got the stuff, though, to keep making those great choices too.

  8. Just keep on and you'll be where you want to be!

  9. "When can I go back to being (somewhat) lazy and eating junk?
    Never? What kind of crap is that?"

    I have this conversation with myself all the time :) I also tell myself to shut up sometimes. LOL


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