15 December 2011

today I ate this

Feel pretty small today.
Pretty tired, with a pretty good headache, too.
I hate to mention feeling less than stellar,
because some one inevitably says
"It's the carbs!"
And I would hate to have to fight someone today.
I'm just not up to it!
Winking smile

Might just go on back to bed early.
Just for grins, I weighed at Cross Fit...
And yes  - I went, even thought I felt tired.
My weight is the same. Exactly.
But I have lost 2 pounds of muscle.
And gained 2 pounds of fat.
And I am not pleased.

Had mostly protein shakes today...
3 today and some squash I made last night.
Roasted in a cast iron dutch oven 
and dusted with garam masala.

On days when I have a moderate amount of carbs,
I don't have any added fat... just what occurs 
naturally in heavy whipping cream.
I might switch out to half and half...
I need a few more carbs and could use less fat.
We'll see!

Less than half a cup of acorn squash. 
 100 grams is two spoons-full.
The top chart shows 30 total carbs.
It would probably be 20 or so net.
I still weigh the food and look it up!
Don't want any surprises.

Hope your day is great!

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  1. Sorry you aren't feeling well, Anne. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Hang in there.


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