01 December 2011

one little pound

I did for a fact gain a half a pound over each of the past two months...
I was right when I guessed that I had - a couple of days ago. (link)
This was not muscle... but just regular old fat.
Fattie fat - fat.  So - up one pound.

To be fair, I guess I did have Strep, back in October.
That was not an easy 3 weeks! Slow recovery.

28.1% Body Mass Index in July to
28.7% BMI now.
Still higher than I want. Obviously.
Lean mass stayed the same. 93 range.
Overall 9 pounds up since starting CrossFit.
6 pound of pure muscle. 
But now, 3 pounds of pure fat.

My Trainer [Robert] said that some of the trans-fats
take up to 51 days to leave your body...
Because of the half-life!
My other Trainer [Sam] says I should eat more.
He says I eat pretty clean. But need to eat more.
Especially on CF days.
Some days I don't eat at all on CF days.
Especially with the fish I've been eating.
Might see some better numbers.

The other day - I saw an old friend and hugged her.
And she pulled back - and looked at me and said
"My - you are strong!"
I've been working on my posture, and it changes
the shape of the butt, of all things!
Someone mentioned I am getting a little
"Friday Night Booty" shaped butt.
Must be all those squats and lunges!

So this counts as the numbers for now!



    "my you are strong"

  2. will squats and lunges help even the flattest of pancake butts? I guess theres only one way to find out.... i just ... hate... them... sooo... very... much.

  3. Anne, you are doing great. Don't seat the small gain. I am dealing with similar issues but I've had an even larger gain. We both know what to do. Hang in there and remember that you have gotten this far and you will make it the rest of the way to where you want to be.

  4. It's some kind of carb creep ...
    And I am determined to not go down that slippery slope!
    I didn't start out my diet in conventional ways.
    But I am here to stay and I have worked to hard
    to get sidetracked now!
    I'm really determined here!

  5. Don't worry about that one little pound...it will be gone in no time.

  6. I did not know that the half life of trans-fat is 51 days. So you might have a few more weeks till you are out of the woods. You gave up all those bad fats, right? Good on ya!

  7. Ugh. Me too. I've gained 2 pounds in a month of hardcore self defense and kettle bell classes. And I've lost another whole pant size. Pfft on the scale!

  8. Me too- smaller pants... bigger numbers...
    Phooey on the scales!


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