20 February 2011

river walk

The sights and sounds of the River Walk
in San Antonio, Texas

A little cloudy in the morning

Fun stuff everywhere

Day or night, it's a treat

Quite literally - never a dull moment

Oh, and the end of the world is almost here - they say...

Vintage Art Deco Stuff every where 

Dia de los Meurtos art

The Majestic was a short jog from the River Walk

Can't wait for the Wickedness!

The Box Office at the Majestic Theatre

Inside was so beautiful - aptly named

These are original features - no doubt

Wicked was wonderful, of course.
They had the special deal where they picked 2 times a year
to go into the audience and give people a chance to
donate  - and to go back stage... We didn't go, but...
Incredible that I manage to show up on times this was offered.
It must be my lucky day!
Wish you were here!


  1. Lovely touring San Antonio with you.

  2. Anne it looks so lovely, and yes good things do happen. glad you are having such a wonderful time.
    The architecture in the building was awesome. I think they are wrong on the end of the world happening., lol. hugs to you, have fun.

  3. wow... are those all businesses along the River Walk, or do some lucky souls get to live there? Just... wow. Beautiful.

    And loved the photos of the Majestic theater. So rich with history and beauty. How fun that you got to be there, and go backstage again!

  4. Dia de los Meurtos stuff is the shizzzzzzzz. I love that stuff. :)

  5. Looks marvelous. I would love to have been there. So glad it was all you expected it to be, Anne!

  6. I'm so glad you had so much fun! And how wonderful was it to see wicked :)

  7. Loretta - mostly business along the River Walk.....
    On the lower levels.... but uptop - yeah!
    No doubt those are some lucky souls!

    I had such a great time with Kelly and Chuck
    I can't remember why I was ever nervous about the trip!


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