13 March 2010

a poppy reserve

Even the poppies needed rehab - go figure!

Mostly grass and wildflowers this year...
the rain made the "weeds" grow!

View from the top

Wind almost blew me over!

The sound on this YouTube video is just awful...
It's the wind at the top of the mountain...
You might want to push "mute" or volume 
if you are brave enough to watch!

Went to California State Poppy Preserve.
Windy today, with 70 mph gusts. 
Climbed to the top of Antelope Ridge - 3,000 feet.
A couple of miles - 15,000 + steps !
We were already up so many thousand feet,
So it's not like I climbed a real mountain, or anything.
Still, it was a couple of hours to the top and back!

Monster w/protein
Water, coffee w/sugar-free hot chocolate
In and Out Burger without the bun!
Slice of cheese, snack pack of pistachios
Atkins bar....
No poppies - California State Flower!
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Thanks for reading!


  1. What a wonderful adventure! Great video and wow to the wind.

  2. I got blindsided by a giant rolling tumbleweed.
    A real spanking! I took it well, though...lol...
    At one point, the camera almost blew out of my hand!

    The wind would take your breath away.
    It was cold, too!
    It was a real test of health and fitness in many ways -
    not just pounds off! Although that helps...

  3. What a great day you had and you are doing so well with your carbs.....great!....:-) Hugs

  4. You look like a movie star in your sunglasses!

    That was some wind! Yikes. Too bad you missed the poppies. When in bloom, they are stunning.

    And an In and Out Burger! Woo-hoo, welcome to California!


  5. Whew! I think I held my breath for the whole video struggling along with you against the wind. What an awesome place.

  6. Hey! Did you lose your hat? I hope you got it back! Some wind, all right! I was holding my breath too as you struggled up that hill.

  7. Thanks, ya'll!
    The wind was like that for all of the climb.
    Geographically, this area is where two mountain ranges meet.
    Very turbulent, but good for wildflowers!
    It was alot worse at the top, which is where this video was taken.

    Judith, I took the little skull-cap hat off
    right before it would have blown off!
    $1,000 fine for littering here!
    Thanks for asking!

    MMMM......In & Out Burger......mmmmm
    (Que Homer Simpson voice)

  8. It's always so relaxing to visit your site!

  9. Poppies in rehab? Who knew?!

    That's some crazy wind. Like a hurricane or something. Glad you didn't get blown away. :)

    I'm enjoying your road trip! Where are you taking us next? :) If you happen to see a tidal pool would you take a picture? I've never seen one in person but it's a small item on the bucket list. :)

  10. Why do they have a poppy preserve? Are they endangered???

  11. A great reward for the climb! Splendid. :o)


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