19 November 2011

turkey trot

Paleo - Turkey?
It chases YOU

Corn again? WHY must we have corn again!!
"Oh brother - here we go again with the "corn again" speel!
I am SO not sitting at the 'LoCarb table' next year!"

Here - have some of our dug-up relatives...
Oops - did I just say that out loud?
I meant - we really dig our relatives, man!

The REAL reason the Early Americans were hungry...
Ineptitude - probably due to carbs, no doubt
(Just kidding!)

I implore Ye to not cross the line into the forbidden forest
And partake there of the carbs - And the grains
of which we do not speak ..... of..... (much!)

Fun With Pilgrams!


  1. ok LAUGHED OUT LOUD at the paleo turkey!!!

  2. This was too funny. In the third one was the person laying down begging the turkey to come him? haha

  3. This is great, Anne. It gave me a good laugh to start my day.:)


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