17 November 2011

facebook fitness quotes

Some of these are suitable for framing
- at least - in the mind!

Thanks to the awesome people at
I See Fit People (link)


  1. I love it when you post the motivation. I for one can always, always use it. Food (oops) for thought every time.

  2. Great quotes and thoughts, Anne. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. All great quotes and worth their weight in old for inspiration! I especially like the last one....
    Hope you're feeling great. xoxox jj

  4. YES! There are several here that I really like. I think I need to make a "inspiration" board to put in my room with pics and quotes to keep me motivated each day.

    Love these.

  5. All of these are great but I especially like the one about keeping good food in the fridge, its so true isn't it.


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