06 November 2011

eat less, move more

Eat less - move more .... and other diet myths...
Some are scary - but only because 
they are like monsters that will will. not. die!
And they keep coming at us.... like in a 1950's Horror Flick!

Eventually, the light of a new day dawns.... 
and people realize it's not just "eat less-move more." 
But really... at the end of the dieting day - it's about less carbs! 
And choosing "safer" or "slower" carbs and starches.
And being more selective about the fats we eat.

What do I mean by "less" carbs?
Less than 100 - broadly speaking - to lose weight....
Maybe even ALOT less! Like 20 - 40 for sincere weight loss.

And LOT less sugar, for sure... and yes - even less fruit.
I take my blood sugar often....  It might be fine... my Insulin might (or might not)
be within normal limits. Part of why diets fail is because Insulin is out-of-whack
from years of food and sugar abuse. And it doesn't always magically correct itself
just because a person has now switched to a million bananas a day.

Did you know?
Most fruits are just carbs...
Natures candy - indeed!
Key word here - CANDY!
And an insulin spike I just don't need!...
Especially since most spikes are followed 
by a crash!

People notoriously "hit or miss" the mark 
when it comes to essential fatty acids.
Do we really understand what this is? Or what it means?
The human body can NOT make all the things it needs 
from the building blocks of fats....
IF the essential fatty acids are not introduced by the diet.

We would probably think we were dying 
if we didn't get a good "mix" of proteins.
Fats - not so much!
But they are just as essential.

Just for fun, I would like to ask 100 people
"What is a Poly Unsaturated Fattie Acid?"
Just to see what they say.
Betcha maybe one or two will know.

So eat less? Move more?
Maybe... after just a wee little tweaking!

More great reading:
Omega 3:6 

Hope your day is fun and wonderful 
And full of PUFA's!


  1. I've beat myself up with having to eat under 20-30 carbs a day to the point I became scared of every gram of carb just like i used to freak out about every calorie! Not Good.

    I found all I was really doing was setting myself up for BIG FALLS (sugar binges). Well, maybe I've done it long enough (the under 30g)or something bcs my body can now handle small amounts of "food" carbs (not talking doughnuts & candy) w/out my sugar spiking.

    That's good news for me :)

    42 years old, 30 years of dieting and STILL learning. The Good News: it's finally starting to make some sense to me!

    Happy Sunday Anne H.

  2. You too, LUCY!!!
    And thank goodness -
    It is just now starting to make since to me, as well!

  3. I lose best when I stick to 80 to 100 carbs. I PREFER more, as love fruit. :) When I had to cut back on fruit for the DDDY Challeneg (ie, to eat 1200 cals), I felt deprived. I was used to eating 6 to 7 servings of fruit in my previous losing phase (slower losses, but losing). I'm a major fruit girl.

    Now, I try to keep it to 3 to 4 servings, rather than 6 to 8. I know that to lose better, I should get it down to 2 (that seemed to be fine for me), but dang if they dont' call to me.

    Giving up table sugar was easier than cutting down fruit. Giving up fast food was easier than cutting down fruit. So, well, it is MY candy, I guess. :D

    Fortunately, my candy comes with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients. :)

    I have taken my blood sugar after eating a meal with veggies AND 1.5 servings of fruit. No spike. Maybe the fat and protein blunting the effect? Dunno. But 1 to 2 servings seems safe as long as I have them with a good meal.

    I wouldn't dare have fruit without protein/fat, though.

  4. Diet myths are definitely scary! So many people hang on to old information.

  5. I stand by it and to me it is not a myth: eat less, move more is actually quite profound. But, we are complicated thus there is always more to it than just those four words.


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