02 November 2011

same old different things

Still loving the raw eggs.
I've graduated to a blender, though.
The stirring with the fork thing was SO last week!

Doing more on my off days in my little
home gym. Bout time, too!

I can only assume they meant 
smoked bacon!

Even the mosquitos are bigger in Texas.
I caught this one in mid-flight!
The Texas State Bird.

Hamburger smothered with onions and mushrooms.
Side of green beans sauteed in bacon drippings and
oven- roasted tomatoes. 
I used a combo of Balsamic Vinegar, hint of molasses,
and my spice rub: cayenne, garlic, onion, and paprika!

Now that it is cooler, I don't want such a shaved-close hair cut.
But the Shaggy Dog look is not my friend.
So I put it in a little pony tail. Looks more like a little stub.
Still, great for work-outs.

Any fashion divas out there wanna share your thoughts?
I'm open for new ideas.....
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Y'know...Rocky only chugged the eggs...you'll be taking it to the next level I assume?

  2. Mmm...I had two cheeseburgers for lunch...no mushrooms or onions though.

    Love your little tail. I have no hair advice...I don't even own a brush or a blow dryer.

  3. Wishing you a great day too, Anne. That food looks wonderful.

  4. From someone who hasn't cut their hair in 18 years--- I'm loving your ponytail! cute!

  5. Interesting how similar we are eating now. I am still not doing the egg thing though.


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